by: D-Team Caitlin

Walt Disney's Classic Sleeping Beauty

Walt Disney’s Classic Sleeping Beauty

On this day in 1959, Sleeping Beauty premiered, introducing the world to lovely Aurora, debonair Prince Phillip, and one of animation’s most menacing villains, Maleficent. Set to the music of Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty ballet, the film has a unique tone. The music, in combination with the art design of Eyvind Earle, gave Sleeping Beauty a feel unlike any other Disney production.

Boasting many of Walt’s “nine old men” as animators, the characters of Sleeping Beauty are timeless, not to mention the cast who brought them to life. From Mary Costa’s lilting Aurora to Eleanor Audley’s sinister Maleficent, they are the perfect antitheses. We can only hope Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie can capture a similar magic in this summer’s Maleficent.

In anticipation of Maleficent, which tells a previously untold side of Sleeping Beauty’s story, listen to Lana Del Ray’s recent cover of Once Upon a Dream.