1986: Flight of the Navigator

One film I remember as a child was Flight of the Navigator. There was something about this sci-fi film that had the heart and feel of the 80s era of Disney films. It seems according to Variety, the team behind the Sundance Film Festival’s hit Safety Not Guaranteed of Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow to rewrite the all new re-envisioned Flight of the Navigator.

Yes, that wonderful film from 1986 starring Joey Cramer, and Sarah Jessica Parker that followed the journey of a twelve year old boy who is taken for a space ride in a ship (voiced by Paul Reubens) and reappears eight years later un-aged and still that twelve year old boy. Although the rest of the world and his siblings, parents and more have continued to age.

The reboot was started back in 2009 with Brad Copeland penning it.< It now moves into a new court and it may serve as a directorial direction for Trevorrow. Currently they are working on a variety of other projects and Connolly is currently writing a new greenlit project for Pixar. I know we will keep a close eye on this one.

What are your thoughts of a remake? What did you think of the original?