By now I’m sure you’ve seen the blockbuster hit, Thor: Ragnarok. Twice in this film we hear the Led Zeppelin classic, “Immigrant Song”. In my head, this adds this classic to the pantheon of Disney music.

Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie

Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie

Disney music has a long legacy of beautiful, magical, and toe-tappin’ tunes. Going back to the classic “Turkey in the Straw” featured in Steamboat Willie, Disney has made us sing along to delightful tunes, or hum along to The Skeleton Dance when you have no words. We’ve wished upon stars, dreamed our wishes in our hearts, had one song, whistled while we worked, wanted to be part of that world, told tales as old as time, and ooh da lolly golly what a legacy!

So what were me and my friend doing as we left Thor? “ahhAAAhhhhaHHHHaHAHHAHAAAA!”

That’s right, we were singing/screaming along with Led Zeppelin. Heck, haven’t you sung along with the classic rock sounds of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Vol.1 and Vol.2 mixtape soundtracks? If you haven’t, and you have some sort of inhibition going on….Let It Go.

I’m flexible. I’ve included songs from pre-Disney Marvel movies and cartoons into my Disney sensibility. Even at the beginning of Spider-Man: Homecoming we hear the melody doing whatever a spider can as we see the iconic Marvel Studios introduction journey across the screen.
The Disney music legacy is alive and well and being added to from places we may never have imagined, and I’m loving every minute of it!

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