All-New Book: A Runner’s guide to Walt Disney World

With health and fitness taking center stage across the United States of America, parents and fitness experts are continuously searching for fun, family-centered ways to promote exercise. Krista Albrecht and Megan Biller, travel specialists, today announced the debut of a new guide book to family fitness through a state of the art running program, runDisney.

The book, entitled Magical Miles: The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World outlines the runDisney program. According to The Disney Post: The Official Blog of the Walt Disney World Company, runDisney events attract over 200,000 participants each year. Events are selling out faster than ever and runDisney has rapidly expanded over the past twenty years by adding new races and exciting special events. Currently runDisney boasts seven weekend-long events and includes thousands of participants from across the globe!

“Runners who participate in runDisney events tend to have an affinity to the Disney product and enjoy running and physical fitness,” says Albrecht. “This melding of two worlds – runners and Disney fans – adds to the popularity of these events.”

However, it takes expert planning to incorporate a runDisney event into an already jam-packed family vacation. Magical Miles outlines the answers to difficult questions, including:

What race is right for my family?

How should I navigate events?

What restaurants offer the best celebration meal?

What entertainment will I see along the race course?

How should I pack for a runDisney event?

What resources are available for training?

With 45% of runDisney participants new to running and 65% experiencing their first runDisney event, there is a lot of uncertainty among participants. As travel specialists (focusing exclusively on Disney destinations) and avid runners, Albrecht and Biller help new and veteran runners with a soft spot for Disney, plan ahead for their runDisney event and family vacation.

Offering advice on resorts, restaurants, race registration, packing tips, spectator information, training, race day information and much more, this guidebook gives participants peace of mind before heading into their first or fiftieth runDisney event. Having experienced runDisney events, Disney resorts and restaurants, along with in-depth research about runDisney events and logistics, the authors of Magical Miles: The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World have every aspect of your vacation and race covered.

“The difference between a runDisney race and a standard marathon is clear from the outset,” says Biller. “Every runner is celebrated, from the winner to last place, and the Disney magic is experienced throughout each event.”

The best part about runDisney is arguably the after party. The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida features four theme parks, two water parks, 20 plus themed resorts, two entertainment districts and a state of the art sports complex.

The book can be purchased from Amazon and will be sold for $15.99 starting November 26, 2012.