The 1972 Classic Game: The Haunted Mansion

The 1972 Classic Game: The Haunted Mansion

In a world of technology, apps, ipads, tablets and smart phones, it is hard to imagine a world where we sat down as a family and played board games together as a unit. And after a fun filled trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, what better way to relive that visit that by playing Disney’s Haunted Mansion Pop Up Board Game!

This classic game hit the scene in 1972 and was developed by Lakeside Games. Overall this pop up game proves to be fun in a simple way. The goal, make your way through the mansion in your Doom Buggy. As you make your way through the game play, the ghosts spin and move make the board ever changing.

Overall it is a simple concept, but a fun one none the less. I have many memories playing this game when I was young with my siblings and the best part was just looking at the artwork.

It was games like these that helped you relive your visit to the parks, recall the images you saw and make you want to go again.

The game is hard to find, but if you look hard enough I am sure the 999 Happy Haunts can help turn one up for you. There is a nice 3D rending of the game displaying how it moves and game play online. Oh how the memories are rushing back now.