DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast Show #42 w/ Special Guest J. PAUL ZIMMERMAN (Halloweentown, Very Bad Things) on

DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast at July 30, 2013 – Show #42 It’s Time D-Heads! In the heart of summer what can you do to cool off, why head to Halloweentown! You may recall our first trip there last year and now we have J. PAUL ZIMMERMAN stopping into the show! You may recall J. Paul from every Halloweentown film as the fun brother Dylan as well as films like Very Bad Things. He is going to stop in…

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Could the Magical Express be Coming Downtown? by: D-Team Adam

by: D-Team Member Adam We’ve all been there… that agonizing last day in Walt Disney World. Your bags are packed. You’ve had breakfast.  Maybe you’ve gone for a swim. But your flight isn’t until 3pm.  The last thing you want to do is wait around, but if you go take one last spin around, you’re risking missing the Magical Express pick up.  Of course, you risk it anyway and run to Downtown Disney, but you can’t relax and enjoy it…

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‘Don’t Take Your Guns to Toontown’ By: D-Team Adam

By: D-Team Member Adam This week has seen two very disturbing things happen in a Disney Park. The first was an explosion in Toontown, Disneyland. A 22 year old Castmember created a bomb by placing dry ice inside a glass bottle and stuck it in a trash can in Toontown.  Thankfully, no one was injured, though Disneyland had to be evacuated. It is unclear if this was a poor attempt at terrorism or just some idiot who thought it would…

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“Over-Privileged New York Moms Desecrate the Spirit of Disney” By: D-Team Adam

by: D-Team Member Adam This week the New York Post published an article that alleges that a group of wealthy Manhattan moms have been hiring handi-capped tour guides in wheel chairs to pose as their family members so they can cut to the front of lines at Walt Disney World. The women hired their guides through a secret company called Dream Tours Florida.  Since Dream Tours would not be openly tolerated by Disney, they only take referrals from previous customers.…

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How Will Disney React to Diagon Alley? By: D-Team Adam

by: D-Team Adam Universal Studios Florida has officially announced the Harry Potter Expansion. The official name is Diagon Alley, referring to the Wizard street in London from the Harry Potter books. Most people were well aware of the expansion for months, despite the lack of a public announcement from Universal. With all eyes on Universal now, how will Walt Disney World Resort react? The truth is that Universal’s announcements have been dominating the theme park scene for a few years…

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5 Attractions Disney NEEDS to Build: by D-Team Adam

by: D-Team Adam What are the Imagineers going to do next? Its a common concern for those of us who are obsessed with Walt Disney World. Each week we wait patiently for announcements from news and rumor sites, hoping to glean some juicy information about upcoming attractions, changes and special events.  Of course new attractions are what we are most interested in.  We wait on pins and needles as we watch rides like Carsland and The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train…

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What are the Guardians of the Galaxy?

By: D-Team Member Adam Buying Marvel has proved to be a boon for Disney, with Avengers becoming one of the highest grossing films of all time.  That success has led to speculation that Iron Man 3 will receive a similarly huge opening as it sets off Phase 2 of the Marvel Films plan. It could be argued that the success of Marvel’s Phase One movies was due in part to them building the franchise around characters that the average movie-goer…

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Hollywood Studios Rumor: What’s in a Name?

By: D-Team Member Adam There’s a rumor going around the web that Disney will soon be announcing another name change for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The rumor is that Disney will shorten the name to simply “Disney Studios“. This will be the second time Disney has changed the name of the Park. If true, it would be a strange move.  Disney Studios is an incredibly forgettable name that doesn’t follow with other Park and Property names.  Then again, it never has. When…

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Does Disney Springs Need a Marvel Store?

By: D-Team Member Adam The Save Pleasure Island blog posted some images this week of store and restaurant brands that will be coming to the soon-to-be-overhauled Downtown Disney.  Disney Springs, as it soon will be called, looks to be something of a shopping mecca.  Some of those names are fully-realized ideas, like Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar which already exists in Disneyland and looks to bring back the old Adventurer’s Club magic.  Other ideas are just nameless placeholders until the…

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10 Characters Disney MUST Include in Infinity

By: D-Team Member Adam Recently Disney announced their new video game flagship (mercifully replacing the terrible Epic Mickey) Disney Infinity. Infinity will be identical in set-up (though not in execution) to the popular Skylanders game. Basically the system starts with a base platform that you plugs into a gaming system.  Little toy figurines resembling characters from the Disney stable are sold which you place on top of the base. Each figure has a computer chip which allows gamers to play…

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