So in the wake of all of us gearing up for Star Wars Episode VII, there is once again a buzz, a feeling of excitement, the force if you will making us all smile. If one studio can make a continuation to the saga, it is the Walt Disney Studios. Now I have to admit that I am just as excited for these films as I was for the prequels, and even the Special Edition releases. And I think I am most excited that my two youngest boys I will be able to share the excitement of taking them to the theaters to see an All-New Star Wars movie, something we will never forget doing together.

So enough of my rambling on. Star Wars Episode VII is coming our way none the less and fans from all over have been creating fake trailers, posters, pop art, as well as dropping very wrong information about the production of the film. But it does make it fun and exciting. So after spending many hours not working but looking at all the fan art, I have come to bring you my top 3 choices of the best fan made posters in the galaxy we call the internet.

Let’s begin with the strongest and most brilliant one. “The Evil Never Ends. Just Evolves.” This is great on many levels. First the photoshop work is fantastic. And from a graphic design aspect all items are in place from fantastic use of fonts, to placement, alignment and more. Now the concept is brilliant in the fact is still brings Vader’s helmet to the forefront connecting the films together even though we are aware Vader is gone. It hints at a new villain but doesn’t give away too much. This could mean anyone is game in the new extended universe of the films. All around this is a strong piece of fan art that is wonderful and exciting for the film.

"The Evil Never Ends. Just Evolves."

“The Evil Never Ends. Just Evolves.”

Now for the second one. “There Is Another Skywalker…” I love this poster for a variety of reasons. It is dark, much like the Jedi Posters of past. It also hints at Luke and Leia’s children. And let’s face it, they will be a key role in the next series of films. It teases you just enough to wonder where the story is going, it graphically gives a new look to the Jedi that hasn’t been seen since the prequels (meaning in the later films, Jedi were gone extinct). And the use of the deep black in the poster makes this fan piece pleasing to look at.

"There Is Another Skywalker..."

“There Is Another Skywalker…”

And finally the last of my top 3.  “Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side”. This poster is pleasing in a variety of ways. It has a great use of a lighter feel to it. It compliments the colors we see throughout the universe and also has the Falcon right there to keep us feeling at home with visuals we are used to seeing. It also gives us a hint to evil rising after what seems to be a calm galaxy now.

"Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side"

“Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side”

So there you have it. My top 3 Star Wars Episode VII posters made by fans of the universe all over the internet. What are your thoughts on these posters? Do you know of others that are exceptional? Let us know.