by: D-Team Cassie Kidd

Prince Charming isn’t always the “perfect guy.” Some of our leading gentlemen need a break from their lessons of “chivalry” for a bit of common sense. Here is a list of the worst dating scenarios our leading gentlemen (and villains) have gotten themselves into!


Prince Naveen – “A redhead on my left arm, a brunette on my right, a blonde or two to hold the candles, now that seems just about right.”

As crazy as this sounds, the way to a woman’s heart is not to make her feel like one of ten. Portraying yourself as a player right off the bat does not paint a picture of forever in your lady’s mind.


Prince Naveen – “You know, waitress, I finally figured out what is wrong with you.”

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Like men, women don’t exactly appreciate destructive criticism. Blatantly telling a woman that there is something wrong with her is not an ideal date night conversation.


Prince Naveen – “You have had quite an influence on me. Which is amazing because I have dated thousands of women and -”

Though his intentions were pure, telling a woman how many other women you have dated is not swoon-worthy material. Your goal is to make her feel special, but comparing her to others typically has the opposite effect.


Prince Adam (Beast) – “You’ll come out or I’ll-I’ll-I’ll break down the door!”

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It should probably go without saying that using force is not an acceptable approach to women. We can be stubborn, just like men, but remember: you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!


Gaston – “What would you say if you and I took a walk over to the tavern and take a look at my trophies?”

It’s one thing to be confident, but another to be cocky. Women can surely appreciate your accomplishments, but bragging about yourself and using trophies is not the way to win her over.


Aladdin – Jasmine: “Did you think I was stupid? That I wouldn’t figure it out?” Aladdin: “No! No! I-I mean, I-I hoped you wouldn’t. Uh…no, that-that’s not what I meant!”

Building lies on top of more lies is certainly not a promising way to begin a courtship. If she catches you in a lie, don’t continue lying. Aladdin should’ve listened to Genie’s wisdom, “tell her the TRUTH!”


Jafar – “You’re speechless, I see. A fine quality in a wife.”

This is a very effective line if you wish to be slapped across the face. Women do not particularly like being belittled, and this is a fine example of a condescending comment that will forever label you as undateable.


Flynn Rider – “All right, listen! I didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. Here comes the smolder…This is kind of an off day for me. This doesn’t usually happen.”

Using pick-up lines or model-esque facial expressions is comical, sure, but as a genuine attempt to court a lady, it fails miserably. Don’t tell your lady that your tricks usually work on other women, because you will start seeing that “success rate” plummet.


Grumpy – “Hah! Women! A fine kettle of fish.”

Calling women an awkward state of affairs, or “crazy” in today’s jargon, is not a welcoming gesture to your lady. She will likely not appreciate A) being labeled with all women, and B) being called crazy at all.


Kristoff – “Whoa, whoa, whoa, put your feet down. This is fresh lacquer. Seriously, were you raised in a barn?”

When you have finally succeeded in courting your special lady, please make sure you treat her with more respect than your vehicle.


Princes aren’t always the best resource for dating advice. Be careful not to fall into similar situations in your love life! Things won’t end as well off-screen as they did for these fortunate “gentlemen.”