Pete’s Dragon: 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray

So today is Tuesday, but more than that it is a day to celebrate the Disney Classics with Pete’s Dragon Officially Released on Blu-Ray!

Now I personally am excited for this because I have fond memories of watching it as a young child. I wanted a friend Dragon. But most of all I wanted to live in a Lighthouse. Yes, for years I wanted to live by the sea in a lighthouse singing songs with a Dragon.

Recently I was able to pass down this film to my four children and they loved it! It shows how a true Disney Classic can be timeless to generations. And with the Main Street Electrical Parade back at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, my children knew who was Elliot right from the bat. but now I am getting off topic.

Pete’s Dragon is a wonderful film that ells the story of an orphan boy Pete, who is running away from his abusive hillbilly adoptive family who paid for him. In his journey we see he is guarded by and befriended by Elliot, his big green dragon that can disappear, fly, and is an animated masterpiece in hand drawn animation.

He arrived in a small town Passamaquoddy where he meets a lonely Lighthouse keeper and her eccentric dad (played by the brilliant Mickey Rooney). The Story continues as he become a family with her, avoids his adoptive family and eludes the evil Dr. trying to get Elliot for himself.

Some of my favorite highlights still today are the muscial numbers from the Dr. (might I add, I always loved his clothing), and Mickey Rooney letting the town know he had indeed seen a Dragon!

Pete’s Dragon 1977 Release Poster

The film is PURE DISNEY MAGIC as it is filled with such memorable songs you cannot help but sing along and has the Academy Award Winning Song “Candle on Water” to tie the story together. Overall, this film is a true gem in the Disney Library and I find myself often listening to it while working, playing the songs, or just need the touch of classic magic.

The film does have some bonus features on the Blu-Ray including:
• Brazzle Dazzle Effects: Behind Disney’s Movie Magic Featurette
• A deleted sequence comprised of storyboards and voice work
• The original concept storyboard reel for Boo Bop Bopbop Bob (I Love You, Too)
• Two Trailers

Overall, if you are a Disney fan you already love this classic, and if you never have experienced it, now it is the time to rediscover a classic, a piece of Disney Legacy, and hum those songs Disney had embedded in our hearts. I know Pete’s Dragon and the brilliantly done HiDef transfer are one that will be in our home for years to come and now passing it on to my own children, maybe they can keep the Movie Magic Alive when they recall watching a movie with dad on the couch with a big green friendly dragon.

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