Disney has been inspiring kids and adults alike for almost 100 years. With groundbreaking full-length animated motion pictures, computer animated adventures, and more, Disney has created countless classics. Disney is the source of many of today’s most beloved characters, and for children connecting with such characters can be incredibly helpful. KD Novelties has harnessed this connection with their new personalized Disney books.

KD Novelties is highly excited to announce its business partnership with Signature Gifts Publishing towards offering its customers personalized Disney books with popular characters that kids know and love.

KD Novelties is a leading New York based private publishing company established with the primary aim of offering its customers the most stimulating and educating assortment of personalized children’s books including the addition of popular Disney titles.

In order to achieve this laudable objective, the publishing company gathered the most talented and experienced veterans in publishing coupled with the most state-of-the-art and advanced technology in the industry. Through a perfect combination of advanced systems and motivated staff, the company has earned a standing reputation in the provision of highly educative and fascinating personalized children’s books to the satisfaction of its customers.

The team of talented veterans at KD Novelties takes pride in offering an assortment of innovative and exciting storybooks where the children become the star of their own adventure; thereby enhancing their self-esteem and self-image. The company’s line of books are highly engaging and encourages the children to read thereby providing them with a unique reading experience that they will always want to repeat many times over.

This business partnership will enable KD Novelties to offer an assortment of personalized Disney books ranging from Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, Avengers, newly released Black Panther and many more.

“Our collection of innovative personalized books are unique in that they promote literacy while making the children the star of their very own story. Our stories build self-esteem in children as they become the heroes saving the day in these personalized stories. This partnership will help us expand our product line with characters that kids know and love; while promoting literacy and making them the star with their favorite characters” said Kim Delgado the founder and owner of KD Novelties.

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