The New Disney Kingdom Comic: "FIGMENT No. 1" (image copyright Disney/D23 - Cover art by John Tyler Christopher)

The New Disney Kingdom Comic: “FIGMENT No. 1” (image copyright Disney/D23 – Cover art by John Tyler Christopher)

As Disney fans of the parks and music we all have longed for the return of our favorite characters from those early days of EPCOT Center. Yes, EPCOT Center. We all recall the days of ‘Journey Into Imagination’ with our good friends Figment and the Dreamfinder. There was something special about that attraction that was cutting edge at the time, looking back places you in a certain era of EPCOT, and also instills this memory from our past that is a gem.

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From the times meeting the Dreamfinder and Figment outside the attraction, to the infamous neon rainbow walkway, it truly will be remembered. Over time the Walt Disney Company has changed the attraction, evolved, and moved it forward. But what they didn’t expect is the fan uprising of how revered the attraction was. I mean, we all can sing along…. “One Little Spark, of Inspiration…”

So move forward to 2014, and here we are at a time when our beloved characters will return in a glorious new Comic in the Disney Kingdom Comic Series with ‘FIGMENT No. 1’.

This brave new direction for Disney will expand on the story of Figment and the Dreamfinder. This new comic is a collaboration between Marvel and Walt Disney Imagineering to maintain the essence of the characters. So now we will find out the true origins of Figment and the Dreamfinder, and I expect we will see much Steampunk (I am a person fan of that style for ages) with contractions, inventions, and all kinds of tinker toys to be developed.

So get ready this June and plan on waiting in line, or pre-ordering because this one will sell out FAST! To read more about this new series you can read more on the Official D23 Website.

Now let’s all sing along….. “One Little Spark, of Inspiration…”