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New “Comic Strip Only” Newspaper Launched on Kickstarter w/ Original Artwork by Former Disney Animator Tom Bancroft

March 26, 2015 Disney News, Disney Publishing No Comments
New “Comic Strip Only” Newspaper Launched on Kickstarter w/ Original Artwork by Former Disney Animator Tom Bancroft

New “Comic Strip Only” Newspaper Launched on Kickstarter w/ Original Artwork by Former Disney Animator Tom Bancroft

Seeking to preserve a uniquely American art form, Nashville based media entrepreneur Logan Sekulow announced the launch of Laugh-O-Gram™, a weekly, family friendly comic strip only newspaper delivered by mail. Acknowledging the importance of grassroots support, Sekulow chose Kickstarter to launch the paper.

Each issue of Laugh-O-Gram will feature six full-color pages of classic and original comics. The paper hopes to bring the funnies to a new generation, while retaining what made them appealing to the pre-2000s generation. The paper will be printed on newsprint and delivered directly to the mailboxes of subscribers.

Classic titles include Peanuts, Garfield, Family Circus, Beatle Bailey, Amazing Spiderman, Popeye, Dennis the Menace, Zits, Ziggy, Baby Blues, Hi and Lois, The Phantom, Dilbert, FoxTrot, Nancy and more. Along with the classics, Laugh-O-Gram is fostering a new generation of comics through original content by accomplished and aspiring cartoonists.

With traditional newspaper subscriptions in decline, Sekulow saw a need to save the “funny pages.”

“The funny pages were a part of my childhood and were very important to me,” Sekulow says. “Now, I have a son of my own. I want to share that experience with him and with families around the country.”

Laugh-O-Gram has enlisted support of renowned cartoonists and animators who share a love for comic strips. Laugh-O-Gram will feature former Disney animator Tom Bancroft’s original comic strip “Outnumbered.”

“When we were little kids, it was all about comics.” Bancroft says. “I love this idea.”

Current syndicated cartoonists have endorsed this project as well. Guy Gilchrist, the cartoonist and writer of the legendary strip Nancy, says, “I think it’s a great idea and I just want it to fly. Comics are an American art form, like jazz and the blues, and we can’t ever let it go away.”

The Kickstarter campaign rewards include various subscription packages and original art. Artist contributing original pieces include Tom Bancroft, Guy Gilchrist, and fine-artist Noah.

Beyond preserving the comics of the past, Laugh-O-Gram hopes to inspire a new generation of children to become the next great American artists.

“We want kids involved with this project.” Sekulow says. “Above all, we want to instill creativity in a young generation, as well as showcase the amazing American art of the past, present, and future.” Laugh-O-Gram will leave a blank strip in each paper for the personal expression of its loyal readers.

The 30 day Laugh-O-Gram Kickstarter campaign has launched with a goal of $15,000. It concludes April 24, 2015.

Those interested in the Kickstarter campaign are encouraged to visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/logans/laugh-o-gram-weekly-comic-strip-paper-delivered-by

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