Scott Greenberg and the Disneyland Resort Youth Leaders Program

Scott Greenberg and the Disneyland Resort Youth Leaders Program

USA Student Travel in partnership with the Disneyland Resort recently hosted motivational youth speaker Scott Greenberg to present an inspirational presentation and leadership-training workshop at the Disneyland Resort Youth Leadership Program on February 1, 2013. The two-hour program was presented twice to over 600 student leaders in each session held at the Disneyland Hotel Convention Center. Students traveled from middle schools and high schools all over California and Nevada.

Greenberg began with a motivational keynote address followed by a number of team-building activities that allowed participants to meet students from other schools. They were also separated into mixed groups to exchange ideas on student activities, fundraising and student involvement.

“This program is a fantastic way for student leaders to expand their skills,” says Greenberg, a former student council leader himself. “By spending time with like-minded students, they can network and learn about what others student councils are doing to improve their schools.”

Greenberg closed with his motivational program entitled “Cut Loose Your Sandbags: How to Overcome Mental Hang-ups & Soar to Success.” The session focused on helping students understand the most common mental blocks that limit their ability to lead, and limit other students’ ability to participate in school. The program ended with the teen leaders making public declarations of what they intend to do to lead more effectively.

In addition to attending Greenberg’s programs, students were also treated to lunch, a dance competition and time at the Disney parks.

The Disneyland Resort Youth Leadership Program in an annual conference run by USA Student Travel and the Disneyland Resort.