Keri Russell Would Love to be in the Next Star Wars

Keri Russell Would Love to be in the Next Star Wars

With all the hype of Disney buying Star Wars and even more so, the newest film in the horizon and then even more, the announcement that J.J. Abrams has been awarded the Director role of Episode VII, actors and actresses have been announcing how much they would love to be part of this franchise and next series of films. From original cast, to people we never expected to hear from. Well it happened again.

Keri Russell from the All-New Mickey Mouse Club, Felicity and recently the new hit show The Americans, has announced that she would love to be involved in any way in the film and would take on any role J.J. would award her.

“I would do anything for J.J. I would do crafts services if he asked!”

And from the rumor mill you can expect J.J. may want to use her since he likes to use people he has worked with in the past. And as her past director and boss in Felicity and in MI:III, you may just see her in the film.

So all you fans of the All-New MMC and Felicity can just wait and see, and Keri is waiting for that call as well. You can keep up to date on the topic with the guys over at TV Line who have even started a campaign to get her a role.