Mission: Space Set to Re-Launch This Weekend

Mission: Space Set to Re-Launch This Weekend

As disney has announced over the last few weeks, they have many major changes coming to the parks to ramp up for new additions to Disneyland and also to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. This week one of the overhauls debuts in Mission: Space at Walt Disney World’s Epcot, and let’s face it, this is only one of many more changes coming to this long overlooked theme park. 

Many of the changes we have spoken about on our podcast but one that most riders will recognize right away is that Gary Sinise is no longer there to lead your journey into the realm of outer space travel. Gina Torres is now taking over the charge for the new CAPCOM as part of the attraction. 

This weekend on Sunday, August 13, 2017 the All-New Re-Launched Mission: Space will make its’ debut and some of those changes will involve the Green Mission as it now will be a completely NEW attraction experience and the Orange Mission is going to let its riders venture around Mars. 


As much as we all love Gary and his role in CAPCOM, I am sure Gina will be a solid new addition to the role. Change is hard, but Disney continues to move forward and in the end we usually accept the changes for the better, much like adding new narrators for Spaceship Earth over the years. Gina Torres was chosen, yes for her acting skills, but to keep things current, I am sure her being part of Westworld and Suits helps just a bit. 

So get ready travelers as Mission: Space relaunches this weekend for all new adventures.