Marvel Contest of Champions Unveils New Game Update in Anticipation of Marvel’s Ant-Man Feature Film

Marvel Contest of Champions Unveils New Game Update in Anticipation of Marvel’s Ant-Man Feature Film

Kabam, a world leader in developing AAA high quality mobile games, announced today the release of new game content for its global hit Marvel Contest of Champions, inspired by the highly anticipated Marvel’s Ant-Man film hitting theatres on July 17. The Marvel Contest of Champions Ant-Man update feature includes new summoner masteries, new alliance quest game modes, special in-game Ant-Man story quest, events and more. New characters including Ant-Man, Yellowjacket, Elektra, War Machine and more will make their debut in-game throughout the upcoming weeks.

“Kabam continues to update Marvel Contest of Champions to new and exciting places,” said Cuz Parry, Creative Director for Kabam’s Vancouver Studio. “The Ant-Man update was created for our loyal fans who love the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in anticipation of Marvel’s Ant-Man feature film coming later this month.”

As part of the update, Kabam has added a brand new Alliance feature called Alliance Quests, where Summoners can strategize and quest through an all-new map in real time with their Alliance.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions

In the Marvel Contest of Champions Ant-Man update, Ant-Man has discovered something odd happening in the ant-sized world of the Battlerealm. While he was ant-sized, Ant-Man notices a battalion of tiny Adaptoids carrying tiny fragments of ISO-8 to a mysterious location. Unravel the mystery of what’s going on in the Battlerealm in the brand new Ant-Man Event Quests.

More on the latest update for Marvel Contest of Champions:

Alliance Quests:

  • Brand new game mode providing a new challenge for competitive alliances
  • Alliance Quests will pit your alliance against a map of challenging champions and bosses
  • Summoners will be able to play alongside their teammates on the quest-board synchronously completing objectives
  • Alliance members work together to defeat the quest’s boss
  • The first Alliance Quest will have an upgraded Ultron Prime as the main boss, urging Summoners to get Ant-Man to help defeat him
  • Quests will be driven by Live Operations, with new challenges for alliances coming out regularly

Event Quests:

  • Expect to see a new Ant-Man quest every four to five days, expanding the storyline and introducing new content
  • Ant-Man joins the contest, alerting the Summoner to shrunken Adaptoids mining ISO-8 in the Battlerealm
  • Summoners progress through the quest to learn that Yellowjacket is heading up the mysterious Adaptoid worker army


  • Summoners can compete on their own in the Player vs. Player Arenas or team up with their alliance in the Alliance Arenas for both Ant-Man and Yellowjacket
  • To participate in the Alliance Arenas, alliance members must acquire Pym Canisters through the event quests and redeem them to access the arenas

Marvel Contest of Champions is the only arcade-style fighting mobile game that goes beyond the films and dives deep into the Marvel Universe. Heroes and villains from Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers, Thunderbolts, X-Men, Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy and more battle it out in iconic Marvel locations, in an epic storyline that stays true to classic Marvel storytelling. Marvel Contest of Champions was immediately awarded Editors’ Choice on the App Store following launch in December 2014.

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