Walt Disney: A True Dreamer and Man of Influence

Walt Disney: A True Dreamer and Man of Influence

By: D-Team Member: Lexie

When something inspires one person it often ends up inspiring someone else. If Walt Disney was inspired, which he certainly was, then there is no doubt that his love of entertainment went on to light millions of passions around the globe. For me, Walt the man is even that bit more incredible than everything he created. If you think about it, the magic of Disney that we adore had to come from somewhere, or rather, someone. The question of exactly who was that marvelous man is always bobbing around my thoughts. I’m sure I will never come to a final conclusion, but that’s all part of the magic. As I grow up and learn more about life, my perspective of Walt grows with me. As a kid al I could imagine was that whoever made my favorite Princess and friends so beautiful must have been someone brilliant. Now, Walt is far more special. He is my teacher and my friend.

It’s hard to pin point all the different elements of Walt. I could start with the young boy struggling to make a name, or go straight to the wonder of Disneyland.

No matter what kind of task Walt took on, it seems as though every idea became a success. A deep breathe and off he went, nothing could stand in the way of a Disney dream. Perhaps that is why each Disney story is coloured with dreams coming true!

With that in mind I’m certain that Walt’s greatest skill was his dedication. A dedication to life. If that’s not inspiring, then I don’t know what is! Spending a lot of my time researching Walt’s life, I’m starting to develop a decent understanding of his motivation. The 20th century was sprinkled with fabulous Disney achievements, and right from the early days of animation Walt always pushed himself and pushed boundaries. Just imagine living in a world where we had no full-length animated films to lose ourselves in. How dreary!

If it weren’t for Walt and Roy, our imagination would be limited to dull animated shorts. Pushing the limits represents a dedication to life, not being afraid to go beyond what we already know. Walt will always be remembered as a spirit of imagination and creative evolution, the first imagineer!

DizRadio.com: Disney on Demand's D-TEAM: Lexie

DizRadio.com: Disney on Demand’s D-TEAM: Lexie

Almost 50 years after his passing, Walt is a guiding force in my life. As he lead the transformation of entertainment technology and redefined the meaning of animation, Walt’s words of wisdom fill my days with positivity and hope. When people ask me why I love Disney so much, they assume that I am childish and simply love cartoons. But, they are so wrong. The reason I am inspired by Disney is because the man and the mouse symbolize freedom and expression of self. Walt was able to free himself from reality and bring to life a world of magic. It is the magic of Disney that makes him so hard to describe.

All I can do is sit back, think of what Disney has done for the world and smile. Aren’t we lucky.