So Friday has arrived. And since it is Halloween Season, make today a Freaky Friday. Yes, I thought I would just relive one of the Disney Family Classics with you this morning.

This film, and style of story has been done so many times over the years. Swop places with your parents and see just what it is really like to be each other.

“The film is based on the novel of the same name by Mary Rodgers, in which mother and daughter switch bodies and get a taste of each other’s lives. The cause of the switch is left unexplained in this film, but occurs one Friday the 13th, when Mrs. Andrews and Annabel, in different places, say about each other at the same time “I wish I could switch places with her for just one day.” Rodgers adds a waterskiing subplot to her screenplay. The cast also includes John Astin, Ruth Buzzi, Dick Van Patten, and Charlene Tilton.” (wiki)

The 1976 Walt Disney Pictures Classic Freaky Friday

The film was fun, and family friendly and continued that tradition of Disney flair. In 2003 it was remade with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan and updated the story line just a bit. IT continued that Disney tradition of great story telling and fun and upheld the light hearted hijinx of the original.

So it may not be news, but hey, go and enjoy a 1976 classic Disney Film, wether that is listening to it in our Lifetime of Disney player on the site while you work, or show it to your kids tonight. There are Magic in the Memories.