If it is one thing we love here at DizRadio it is Halloween and the Halloween Season. This October we celebrate our 7th Annual Not-So-Scary Halloween Celebration, where all month long we fill you with spooky fun, Halloween Guests, and more! And to kick off the festivities this year we have given a face to the DizRadio Ghost Host with the All-New ‘Ghost Host Coffee’ Label Clothing.

Haunted Mansion Inspired 'Ghost Host Coffee' Label Clothing Released

Haunted Mansion Inspired ‘Ghost Host Coffee’ Label Clothing Released

Inspired by the iconic Haunted Mansion, the Ghost Host Coffee Label will wake the dead and fill you with Ghoulish Delight as you start your morning each day or go on haunting in those late evenings. 

There will be more to come from the Ghost Host Label including actual Coffee, Hot Sauce and all kinds of Grim Grinning Fun! 

Right now you can grab your Ghost Host Coffee Label Clothing at: Tee Public / Haunted Mansion Ghost Host Label Clothing

And stay tuned this October for our Annual Not-So-Scary Halloween Celebration!