Walt Before Mickey

Walt Before Mickey

Film Producer Ben McConley, with the assistance of his advisors at the Washington D.C.-based public affairs firm CapitalKeys, announces his participation as a Producer in ‘Walt Before Mickey’, the highly anticipated biopic on the early years of Walt Disney based on the book with the same name written by Timothy Susanin and Diane Disney Miller.

This family film marks Mr. McConley’s 16th film as a producer. Recently, the producers signed a domestic distribution deal with Voltage Pictures, distributors of such films as Dallas Buyers Club and the Hurt Locker and an international distribution deal with Mission Pictures.

“It’s a beautiful portrayal of a side of Walt Disney never before seen!” says actor David Henrie who plays Rudy Ising in the film. Award winning actor Hunter Gomez says, “This is my proudest film. We’re showing a side of Walt Disney that most don’t even know existed.”

The film will premier in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC, prior to wide release. The film is also the opening night featured film at The Skyway Film Festival, which runs from June 12 – 14 in Florida.

We at DizRadio.com had a chance to interview Jon Heder and Thomas Ian Nicholas as well as the team behind the film live from the set in our archives at: DizRadio.com / Archives

For more information visit the official site for ‘Walt Before Mickey’ at: http://waltbeforemickey.com/