Emmy-winning Imagination Movers Unveil Fun, High-energy Rock Music for Kids and Parents on New "Licensed to Move" CD/DVD

Emmy-winning Imagination Movers Unveil Fun, High-energy Rock Music for Kids and Parents on New “Licensed to Move” CD/DVD

Just in time for school break, the Emmy-winning Imagination Movers (Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche and Scott “Smitty” Smith) are releasing their brand-new CD/DVD “Licensed to Move.” It features twelve and a half tracks of the Movers’ trademark high-energy rock music plus a live concert video, several new music videos and appearances by the Movers’ furry feline friends Catnip and Catnap.

The lead single “Summer” is a celebration of warm-weather fun and an ode to early 2000s California pop punk. Other tracks include “Growing Up,” a Pete Seeger-esque story about a little kid who turns into a super-sized hero; and “Chicken Pot Pie,” the most hard-hitting funk rock song ever to be written about a savory casserole. There are also tunes about dump trucks, spacemen and three-legged dogs.

As always, the Movers prove they’re not afraid to tackle serious topics: the song “Snack Powder” is a 20-second rumination on the orange gunk (#crazydelicious) that gets on your fingers when you eat cheese puffs. And “Line Cutter” addresses the phenomenon of kids jumping ahead of other kids in line for the water fountain.

This is not just one of the Movers’ best albums; it’s “the best ever!,” according to a kid listening to the CD and eating a sandwich (although he may have been talking about the sandwich).

The Movers will be performing all across North America throughout 2015 to celebrate the new release. Check the concert calendar for more information. They are also currently developing a new animated series with 9 Story Media Group.

Get a copy now on iTunes, Amazon andimaginationmovers.com.

The Movers started in their New Orleans hometown by writing songs for their own kids. Then they filmed 75 episodes of their own TV series for Disney Junior. The show has been translated into dozens of languages and broadcast to more than 50 countries. The Movers have earned rave reviews from the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and many others. They’ve appeared on “Good Morning America,” “The View” and “Live with Regis and Kelly.” They’ve also performed at the White House for two different presidents. They live at home in Louisiana with their various spouses, children and pets.