By: D-Team Member Adam

This week has seen two very disturbing things happen in a Disney Park.

The first was an explosion in Toontown, Disneyland. A 22 year old Castmember created a bomb by placing dry ice inside a glass bottle and stuck it in a trash can in Toontown.  Thankfully, no one was injured, though Disneyland had to be evacuated.

It is unclear if this was a poor attempt at terrorism or just some idiot who thought it would be funny.  Neither thought is comforting.

The other incident occurred on Wednesday.  A guest attempting to ride Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom got onto the ride only to find a loaded semi automatic handgun.

If you love Disney as I do, I can only imagine you feel what I do. Anger.

Disney’s Parks are a world unto themselves.  They are a place of peace and innocence. Whether you’re an 83 year old man or his 3 year old grand daughter, you are welcome there as a place to find joy and refuge from the outside world.

The Disney Parks, Resorts and Areas are always Safe Places and Guests Should Feel That.

The Disney Parks, Resorts and Areas are always Safe Places and Guests Should Feel That.

This is not a place of violence. Or a place for bombs. Or guns.

This isn’t about the merits of the Second Amendment. This is not a place for that discussion.

There is absolutely no reason to bring a gun into Disney. None. No one is going to have a hostage situation in Mickey’s Philharmagic.   No one is going to attempt an armed robbery of the Mexico Pavilion.  If you feel the need to carry your firearm everywhere you go, go somewhere else.  As with the dry ice bomb, only a slight change in circumstances could have ended with someone dead.

The sad thing is, it is unrealistic to believe that nothing like this will ever happen again.  There is only so much Disney can do to stop crazy people from walking through their gates. But I suppose we can hope.

“Leave your guns at home.  Don’t take your guns to town.”