by: D-Team Caitlin

When thinking about which princess we’d most like to party with, Snow White tops the list. Her cozy cottage in the woods is perfect for a harvest party! With all that singing and dancing with the dwarfs and the smell of fresh baked pies in the air, it’s definitely the place to be. So, join us in throwing a Snow White Harvest Party in honor of one delightful princess.

Poisoned Apple Invites

Poisoned Apple Invites

1. Poisoned Apple Invites:
If you can hand deliver your invites, attach them to a shiny red apple. How could anyone resist? Snow White sure couldn’t. Have fun designing your invitations. Just don’t forget the who, what, when, where and why!
Grumpy's Apple Dunking

Grumpy’s Apple Dunking

2. Grumpy’s Apple Dunking:
 Of all the dwarfs, we think Grumpy would find the most pleasure in dunking people to bob for apples. Fill up your bucket with water and apples and you’re all set. (Insider Tip: don’t forget to have towels ready for your wet guests to dry themselves.)
Evil Queen's Magic Mirror

Evil Queen’s Magic Mirror

3. Evil Queen’s Magic Mirror:
“Mirror mirror on the wall…Who’s the fairest one of all?” If you have a mirror lying around the house, find a prominent spot to display it for those evil queen wannabes in attendance.
Snow White's Wishing Jar

Snow White’s Wishing Jar

4. Snow White’s Wishing Jar:
Decopauge a jar for guests to write their wishes on and throw inside. Just like a wishing well, but much easier to construct. Snip your favorite illustrations out of an inexpensive storybook (or print them off the computer) and paint them onto the jar wherever your heart desires.
Wicked Witch's Stew and Poisoned Apples

Wicked Witch’s Stew and Poisoned Apples

5. Wicked Witch’s Stew and Poisoned Apples:
Any sort of sausage and bean soup or vegetable stew would suit this themed dinner perfectly. Don’t forget the poisoned apples for added dramatic affect.
Snow White's Pie

Snow White’s Pie

6. Snow White’s Pie:
Given Snow’s experience with apples, we’re sure she would whip up anything but that. Try cherry, peach, or even pumpkin!
 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Viewing

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Viewing

7. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Viewing:
Turn down the lights and settle in for a viewing of the very first feature length animated movie. Candles definitely add to the ambiance, but if there are any little ones present, make sure to use battery operated ones.
 Seven Dwarf's Rock Candy

Seven Dwarf’s Rock Candy

8. Seven Dwarf’s Rock Candy:
“In a mine, in a mine, where a million diamonds shine!” To make these diamond and gemstone party favors, simply break apart the rock candy, mix the flavors, and bag them up for your guests.
Feel free to share your own Harvest Party stories with us–We’d love to hear from you!
 Seven Dwarf's Rock Candy

Seven Dwarf’s Rock Candy