Disney's 'The Leftovers'

Disney’s ‘The Leftovers’

Disney is a master at making the Blockbuster, and also the master at Theme Parks, but what about all those D-Heads (Disney Fans) that grew up only knowing Disney in their home? You would huddle together and wait to watch the Disney Sunday Movie, or the Wonderful World of Disney and spend that time as a family with fun original new movies to enjoy.

These are true cherished Disney memories many of us have!

As time goes on we remember some movies from our past, or a glimpse pops into your head of something you kind of remember. One of those wonderful gems stars none other than John Denver in this 1986, Disney Sunday Movie Classic “The Leftovers” which aired on Novembers 16 of that year.

Disney's Lost 1986 Sunday Night Movie Classic 'The Leftovers'

Disney’s Lost 1986 Sunday Night Movie Classic ‘The Leftovers’

This gem brought Denver back to acting as he stepped away for a short time after the Oh God! films. We had seen him in the Muppets: A Christmas Together, and the Rocky Mountain Holiday Special with the Muppets as well. But this was a fun family film full of true Disney heart that many of the made for television movies contained.

The story of The Leftovers is is about a small group of close-knit orphans and a father figure in Max. They band together to try to keep their home from being shut down and them ending up homeless or having to separated into different homes. Although they are not alone as Max and the orphans get the help they need from a single mom (played by Cindy Williams of Laverne and Shirley) and an elderly butler who resides in Max’s Aunt’s large estate mansion where he grew up as a child.

As I noted the film is full of heart, and even to this day it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling when watching it with my children on the living room floor eating popcorn, snacks and learning just what family is all about in a way Disney can only do.

So take a trip back to the days of the great Disney Sunday Movies and experience this one again, and introduce it to a new generation as well. There is magic in the movies and gems only live on by passing them down.