In Service to the Mouse by Jack Lindquist

In Service to the Mouse by Jack Lindquist

Jack Lindquist began working for the The Walt Disney Company as the park’s first advertising manager when he was 28 back in 1955, just two months after Disneyland opened. Keeping a journal would have been a wonderful idea had Jack been able to foresee the exciting 38-year journey ahead as Disneyland’s first president, a role he never expected. Over 55 years later he still remembers fondly the highs and lows of an unexpected career working with the most famous mouse in town.

In Service To The Mouse chronicles Jack Lindquist ‘s successes and humorous mistakes climbing the corporate ladder as the world’s most famous amusement park unfolds as an integral part of Americana history. Known as one of the most creative and knowledgeable marketing men of this century, Jack Lindquist ‘s memoir includes more than 60 chapters, each its own individual and unique story of his many experiences with The Walt Disney Company. A well-known maverick, Jack Lindquist is credited with creating many of the unique marketing programs and special entertainment events that have made Disney attractions around the globe so successful.

Mr. Lindquist contributes the success of In Service To The Mouse to the collaborative effort and partnership with Melinda J. Combs , who endured over 100 hours of taping and transcribing his Disney career before creating the finalized form. A four-year endeavor in the making, Ms. Combs brilliantly captured Jack’s story-telling charm and sharp-witted humor to compose the ultimate backstage peek of Disney in the making.

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Jack Lindquist: Disneyland's First President

Jack Lindquist: Disneyland’s First President