Disney XD: Pair of Kings

Disney XD is a great station for young males and females looking for a different kind of Disney Show. Since the station launched, their programming has really hit the mark with the young Disney male fans. with buddy shows, actions shows and super heros you cannot go wrong.

Well the sad news is for those who like the show PAIR OF KINGS as Disney XD has announced it will not be renewing the series for another season.

The show stars Hannah Montana alum, Mitchel Musso, as Brady and Doc Shaw as Boomer as fraternal twins raised by their Aunt and Uncle in Chicago until the Island of Kinkow representative comes to their hometown and tells them they are the Kings their island has been waiting for.

Overall the show is fun and really captures the buddy and brothers role well. I may be a little bias to the show since I do love the tropics and the islands, (come on I am a Jimmy Buffett fan), but the station has noted it will not carry the show into a 4th Season.

The Station does have some of their other shows getting renewed like “Kickin It” among others so do not fear Disney XD Fans.