Happy 15th Birthday Disney's Animal Kingdom

Happy 15th Birthday Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The park originally opened in 1998 and was received fairly well overall. Like most parks it has grown over the years to hold its’ own.

I clearly remember all the hype for the park, and the many promos on TV during the Happy Easter Parade telecasts, as well as numerous TV Specials and promos. Most of all I recall being there. It was fun, full of energy and it had a great attraction called “Countdown To Extinction”, boy I miss that one, wait, never mind it’s called “Dinosaur” now to better market the attraction when the movie was released.

Animal Kingdom has proven to be a fun place to enjoy, from great attractions, the fun Everest and the quiet places just to enjoy nature, as long as we can stay away from Avatarland and go more Beastly Kingdom, I see another 15 fantastic years.

So to celebrate as we know many Disney fans are on the web, we thought we would do something different. While hanging out today enjoy listening to this 1998 Animal Kingdom Special that was on ABC to promote it’s new park. It is enjoyable to listen to while working by your desk, laptop or just for fun. (And remember if you like this we have many more in that Lifetime of Disney Player – right here on the homepage to right -> yes over there.)

Happy Birthday Animal Kingdom!