Boogedy Boogedy Boo! You asked and Mr. Boogedy & Bride of Boogedy are Available on DVD and TCM!

Boogedy Boogedy Boo! You asked and Mr. Boogedy & Bride of Boogedy are Available on DVD and TCM!

So us old school Disney fans remember the classic Disney Sunday Movie original films. They stuck with us. You know them too, Not Quite Human, The Parent Trap Hawaiian Honeymoon and even the spooky classics like Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy.

There was this time in the 80s when movies and television was something special. It set the tone for holidays, and many times you spent the day rewinding the VHS over and over to watch it again, yes even with commercials.

Back in 2013 we had the pleasure of speaking with the veteran actor himself from such films as The Thing and more and also yes, Mr. Boogedy, Richard Masur. When he was a guest on our podcast he discussed just how much he loved the boogedy films and how they needed to be released on DVD for a new generation.

(Click here to listen to the interview with him in our archives)

Since then we have watched our old VHS copies for ages. Well now it seems our prayers have been answered. It may not be remastered, and no bonus features, but we can say it’s here! At least to Disney Movie Club Members. It is the /mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy two pack DVD!

In addition Turner Classic Movies will be airing the first film Mr. Boogedy on Thursday, October 29 at 2am as part of “Treasures from the Disney Vault”.

So set your DVRs if you have never seen Boogedy before, and if you have pick up your official copy, and in the meantime catch our archives with Richard discussing the awesome films that are Boogedy Boogedy Boo!

“Mr. Boogedy is a 1986 made-for-television family film,[1] directed by Oz Scott and written by Michael Janover, which originally aired as an episode of “The Disney Sunday Movie.” It tells the story of a gag gift salesman and his family moving into a new house in New England which they soon find to be haunted by ghosts from the colonial period. “ (entry from wikipedia)