This is a true Christmas Classic. Many people know of the 1983 Christmas Special ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’, but did you know that there was an earlier adaption that I grew up with in 1974. It was the ‘An Adaption of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol by The Walt Disney Players’.

This is a classic LP and has many of the Disney characters in roles you grow to love. The best part of this LP is the fact it was a musical. Yes a musical. In my opinion it was this LP that should have been pushed forward to become the TV special. The songs and tracks interchanged with the story make it fun, memorable and true Disney!

Wether it is Scrooge singing about Money, or Goofy telling Scrooge it’s much to late for him, it truly is a heartwarming LP.

Another fact about this album that is wonderful is the talented Alan Young. Alan was part of Mr. Ed, classic Old time Radio (OTR), and fantastic TV and Radio. He also is the voice of Scrooge McDuck that we all know and love. And what makes this LP very special is Alan is both Scrooge and also Mickey Mouse on this recording! Yes it is the one time Alan portrayed both characters and the only time he ever voiced the iconic Mickey Mouse.

You can LISTEN when ALAN YOUNG stopped into DizRadio and talked about his Career. (JUST CLICK HERE – Alan Young Show #3)

So for the holidays enjoy this classic LP and maybe it will find a new place in your heart right next to the TV special we all already love.

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An Adaption of Dickens' Christmas Carol by The Walt Disney Players

An Adaption of Dickens’ Christmas Carol by The Walt Disney Players