by: D-Team Adam

What are the Imagineers going to do next?

Its a common concern for those of us who are obsessed with Walt Disney World.

The Great Muppets Movie Ride

The Great Muppets Movie Ride

Each week we wait patiently for announcements from news and rumor sites, hoping to glean some juicy information about upcoming attractions, changes and special events.  Of course new attractions are what we are most interested in.  We wait on pins and needles as we watch rides like Carsland and The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride go from rumor to blueprint to soft opening.  Usually its worth the wait.

But what about the attractions that don’t make it all the way to opening day? What about the scrapped Imagineering plans?

Here are 5 failed plans that Disney needs to resurrect.

1. Journey Into Space

Author Ray Bradbury helped design a simulated ride that examined the road that took humanity to the stars and looked at the possibilities of future space travel.  Bradbury died last year.  It would be a fitting tribute to finally build this. Take down the awful Captain Eo and house it in Journey Into Imagination.

2. Rainbow Road to Oz

Originally intended to be built in Disneyland’s Fantasyland. Dust off the blue prints and re-imagine them so it works with Oz the Great and Powerful. L. Frank Baum’s world is a goldmine of ideas for an attraction.

3.  The Duck Tales Ride

I have no idea what this Magic Kingdom dark ride would have been like, but I don’t think we see enough of Uncle Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webbigail.  Oh… and Gizmo Duck.

4.  Godzilla Bullet Train Ride

Intended to be built in the Japan Pavilion of World Showcase, which has always felt bare and empty.  While EPCOT should never become a ride-based park, one or two more E-ticket attractions wouldn’t hurt.

5. The Great Muppet Movie Ride

The Muppets are once again at the top of their game.  This ride which parodies the incredibly boring Great Movie Ride is just the thing to capitalize on the upcoming Muppets sequel and replace GMR.

Honorable Mention:  Rock N Roller Coaster starring No Doubt!

The Aerosmith ride is getting a little dated and No Doubt is just the band to replace them! …HA! Only kidding. I love Aerosmith’s RNR Coaster. That would be ridiculous.

Are there any unbuilt attractions you would like to see in the future?