By: D-Team Member Adam

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity

Recently Disney announced their new video game flagship (mercifully replacing the terrible Epic Mickey) Disney Infinity.

Infinity will be identical in set-up (though not in execution) to the popular Skylanders game. Basically the system starts with a base platform that you plugs into a gaming system.  Little toy figurines resembling characters from the Disney stable are sold which you place on top of the base. Each figure has a computer chip which allows gamers to play that character.  The chip also saves the player’s game onto itself.

So far Disney has primarily announced 3 sets of characters that will be part of the game.  Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles and Monsters Inc.  The initial release will include many of the characters from these franchises and their respective universes. This means you can play Capt Jack Sparrow fighting Syndrome in The Incredibles.  The possibilities should excite every true Disney fan.

Most recently Disney announced that Cars would be the 4th wave of Infinity characters.  Other expected announcements include Phineas and Ferb, Nightmare Before Christmas, Toy Story and Wreck-it-Ralph.

Gruffi Gummi from the Classic Cartoon "Disney's Gummi Bears"

Gruffi Gummi from the Classic Cartoon “Disney’s Gummi Bears”

Playing Agent P or Dr Doofenschmirtz will be absolutely fantastic, but what about classic Disney characters?  It seems strange that all of the Infinity announcements have revolved around characters created in the last 10 years.

The following is a list of 10 older Disney characters that need to be included in future Infinity packs.  This is excepting obvious ones like Donald and Goofy.  It would also be interesting to see these universes at play.

1. Kit Cloudkicker

There was a time when Disney’s most famous pirate characters didn’t spend all day chasing rum.  Disney’s Talespin was a tale of sky pirates starring Baloo and other Jungle Book characters.  Kit was Baloo’s sidekick and essentially adopted sun who would hang from Baloo’s plane and go sky surfing on his board.

2. Gizmoduck

The Duck Tales universe is filled with fun characters, but Gizmo Duck was their very first superhero!  Disney’s answer to Iron Man is one of the most sadly under-used characters in their roster.

3. Gadget

The Heart and Soul of the Rescue Rangers could come loaded with… well, gadgets to fight villains.

4. Robin Hood

It’s Robin Hood.  Self-explanatory.

5. Prince Charming

It seems like Disney would have included this guy in something by now.

6. Arthur

King Arthur, before he was king. Sword in the Stone is rife with possibilities for game play.

Darkwing Duck: The Terror That Flaps in the Night. (Catch our Interview with Jim Cummings the voice of Darkwing in our Archives of Shows

Darkwing Duck: The Terror That Flaps in the Night. (Catch our Interview with Jim Cummings the voice of Darkwing in our Archives of Shows

7.  Darkwing Duck and Gosalyn

LET’S. GET. DANGEROUS. Gosalyn had to be included because… she’s Gosalyn.

8. Gruffi Gummi

The resident tough guy of the Gummi Bears could handle any situation with a little bit of gummi-berry juice and a lot of attitude.

9. Ludewig Von Drake in Mathemagic Land

Technically Donald was the one in Mathemagic Land, but Ludwig is one of the great forgotten Disney characters.

10. Mickey of Organization XIII

Yes, this is cheating. But Mickey looks crazy awesome with a keyblade and black robes.

That’s the list.  Leave a comment listing your top picks for Infinity figures.