The DizRadio Show #258: DAN 'NITRO' CLARK (American Gladiators, Author, TV Host, Producer, Netflix's Muscles & Mayhem)

The DizRadio Show #258: DAN ‘NITRO’ CLARK (American Gladiators, Author, TV Host, Producer, Netflix’s Muscles & Mayhem)

DisneyBlu’s “The DizRadio Show” on

May 3, 2024 – Show #258

It’s Time D-Heads! Let’s face off against the Gladiators as we welcome DAN “NITRO” CLARK to the show! Dan, who you best know as Nitro from the popular television series American Gladiators is stopping in to talk about the show, his books, motivational speaking and the new Netflix Documentary Series Muscles and Mayhem, behind the scenes of American Gladiators.

We have the D-Team here as Domenic discusses that epic fan fare gladiator music while Cody goes deeper into the classic series we love. Jeremy stops in to uncover the Netflix series while Jonathan does his usual ramblings.

So go deep into your past, pop culture and more with the Magic and Memories of The DizRadio Show “A Pop Culture Celebrity Guest Show”!

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