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DisneyBlu’s The DizRadio Show: A Pop Culture Celebrity Guest Show is a podcast that let’s you Relive the Magic and Memories from Your Lifetime of Memories!

We make the show for you, the D-Heads and you help guide where the show goes. So now we invite you to our “Pop Family” by learning more about us, The D-Team.

JONATHAN: Creative Director & Host

Jonathan, the Creative Director and Host of The DizRadio Show, has spent his entire life full of Entertainment, Movies, Music, Reading, Art, Disney, Theme Parks and more! It all began from the age of 6 Months old and his first trip to Walt Disney World, followed by movie nights as a family, interest in the behind the scenes of how the magic in entertainment is made. From then on he was hooked. He explored not just new classics, but the originals as well, from Pollyanna, Mary Poppins, Casablanca, Singing in the Rain, Gone with the Wind to pop staples like Gremlins, The Goonies, Star Wars, lesser know gems like Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Holiday TV Specials, Sitcoms and the list could go on. 

Since that first visit at 6 Months old, Jonathan has been to the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios over 39+ Times and counting. Visited a variety of backlots and been on such shows as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills interviewing Kim Richards, hosting a variety of panels at Tradeshows and Pop Culture Events, and was the designer of the classic Rankin/Bass specials book, The Frosty the Snowman 50th Anniversary Scrapbook.

The idea behind The DizRadio Show began as a humble Disney centric show to a full fledged Pop Culture Experience where the goal is to introduce icons and classics to new generations, bring new talent to older generations, get to know up and coming artists, musicians and actors as well as capture the magic from your lifetime of memories. 

He spent years learning about Walt, Movies, Sitcoms, Books, the Stories Behind the Projects and passing on Easter Eggs, Entertainment History and more to anytone willing to hear him ramble. Walt Disney has proven to be his inspiration in life, a role model, and an icon.

Jonathan went on to attend college with a Major in Animation, Graphic Design, Advertising & Marketing and Minored in Photography. This has continued into Production and Voice Work.

Now a Father of 4 Children, he has passed down his love of Disney, Movies, Pop Culture to his children and Family Vacations, Movie Nights and more are full of Magical Memories. So much so, his children know who Walt Disney, Alfred Hitchcock, and others are. 

He has had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to many that made these classics happen and a highlight was a very special inscription from The Sherman Brothers to him has rang true and follows through to the show.

“To Jonathan, May the Music of Disney continue to inspire you to follow your Dreams and Make the Impossible Possible. Fondly, Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman”


Aside from Disney, Jonathan Loves Beaches, the Caribbean, Jimmy Buffett and Classic Hollywood from Bing Crosby, Bogart and current Cult Classics like The Army of Darkness and Labyrinth.

Currently Jonathan is also working on his first book called “A Look Back at the Magic: My Lifetime of Movies, Magic and Family Nights.”

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More D-Team Bios Coming Soon…


Over the years we have had many D-Team members with outstanding segments. Although they have moved on from the magic of DizRadio you can still experience many of their segments in the DizRadio Podcast Show Archives! So Find Paige, Jamey, Lexie, Caitlin and more for the Magic from the Past! 



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