Smithsonian and Disney to Keynote IMMERSION 2015 in Paris this September

Smithsonian and Disney to Keynote IMMERSION 2015 in Paris this September

The Immersive Education Initiative today announced that the Smithsonian Institution and Disney will keynote IMMERSION 2015 at the prestigious Paris-Sorbonne University (“the Sorbonne”) this September. The keynotes, which will focus on the subject of immersive arts, culture and storytelling, will be followed by in-depth workshops.

IMMERSION 2015 addresses the personal and cultural impact of immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), holograms, neural brain interfaces, cybernetics, 3D printing, robotics, telepresence, game-based learning and training systems, and fully immersive environments such as caves and domes.

Speakers and exhibitors at previous events have included Harvard University, MIT, MIT Media Lab, Stanford University, NASA, United Nations (UN), United States Department of Education, Smithsonian, Disney, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle and many other world-class organizations.

Building on their respective keynotes at IMMERSION 2014 in Los Angeles California last year, Melissa A. Carrillo from the Smithsonian Latino Center and Katie Fico from Walt Disney Animation Studios will co-keynote IMMERSION 2015 in Paris. Following their keynote address Carrillo and Fico will conduct related workshops, providing attendees with exclusive and extended insights and coverage.

Details are expected to be announced in June, along with an announcement related to the official launch of the Immersive Arts and Culture Council (iACC) that took place at the J. Paul Getty Museum (The Getty Center) at IMMERSION 2014 last year.

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