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A Lost Halloween Gem in "Disney's Halloween Treat" and "A Disney Halloween"

A Lost Halloween Gem in “Disney’s Halloween Treat” and “A Disney Halloween”

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate Halloween and all things that go bump in the night. Halloween has always played a large role in my life from planning the perfect costume, playing a few pranks like a sock full of flour to a unsuspecting friend or family member and more. The candy was always the reward and spending hours sorting it on the floor with my siblings and making trades are memories that will stick with me…

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DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast Show #97 w/ Special Guest MARK ELLIOTT (The Voice of Disney, Disney Channel, Voice Actor, Movie Trailers, Radio) on DizRadio.com

DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast at DizRadio.com January 22, 2015 – Show #97 It’s Time D-Heads! This week we take you back to your childhood and the movie trailers you love as welcome MARK ELLIOTT (The Voice of Disney, Voice Actor, Movie Trailers, Commercials, Disney Channel) to the show! Mark was the iconic voice you knew from Disney Trailers, VHS, DVDs, Commercials, the Disney Channel and more. He stops in to talk about his career, voice acting, being the voice…

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The Voice of your Movie Memories HAL DOUGLAS (Voice Legend) Dies at 89

When you think of your childhood with movie memories and nights hanging out by the TV, you recall many distinct voices and one of those was the master Hal Douglas. Hal was the voice for many of the Television promo spots you recall, countless trailers and more. He always had that deep voice that caught your attention and also set the mood for a world in danger, or a very special episode of something. Douglas was 89 years old. He…

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