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Happy 122nd Birthday to Buckminster Fuller, the Creator of the Geodesic Dome

Among Disney Fans, nothing is more iconic than Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort. But a close second is Epcot’s Spaceship Earth, the large Geodesic Dome that serves as a home to the Spaceship Earth Attraction as well as the icon for the park. That large icon would have never been put in place if it wasn’t for the inventor and creator of the geodesic dome, Buckminster Fuller and today we celebrate his 122nd…

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A Little Epcot: Larger Than Life Sibling Duo, Ariana And Frankie Grande, Introduce A Limited Edition Fragrance For All

Actress and internationally acclaimed pop superstar, Ariana Grande, and sibling social media phenomenon, Frankie Grande, announce the launch of their limited edition shared fragrance, FRANKIE by Ariana Grande. In partnership with prestige industry leader, LUXE Brands, this must-have exclusive fragrance takes irresistible to the next level, embodying the powerhouse energy of sibling duo Ariana and Frankie Grande. Ariana captivated her fans with her first fragrance, ARI, which debuted in September 2015 and quickly cemented her status as a beauty industry…

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