Walt Disney World Dedication of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at the Magic Kingdom

So as many of you D-Heads know, the anticipation of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has been killing you. From the POV videos released, the images of a Commercial being filmed, and even test riders taking their turn on the attraction, one thing is for certain, you want it OPEN. At a height of only 38 inches, it is going to be a truly fun family ride since that height is only slightly over the size of the Barnstormer. So…

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Bob Hoskins ( Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Super Mario Brothers, Hook, Mermaids ) Dies at 71

We all love those rare Disney gems that have changed the lives of many. One of those groundbreaking films was the infamous ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘. This film starred the talented Bob Hoskins and Charles Fleischer as Roger (Click here is listen to Charles as our guest on DizRadio.com). Together these two worked wonders on screen with this live action and animated comedy. It set a different tone as it was darker, more adult than anything Disney in the past…

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DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast Show #72 w/ Special Guest MIKE BRASSELL (Voice of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, The Land, Composer Space Mountain, Voice Actor) on DizRadio.com

DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast at DizRadio.com April 24, 2014 – Show #72 It’s time D-Heads! Earth Day is this week and to celebrate we are combining both Earth Day with The Future as we welcome MIKE BRASSELL (Voice of The Land, Voice of The Tomorrowland Transit Authority, Composer Space Mountain, Voice Actor) to the show! Mike is helping us celebrate as he stops in to discuss being part of these classic Disney Attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort,…

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New Disney Kingdoms Comic: Dreamfinder & Figment are BACK!

As Disney fans of the parks and music we all have longed for the return of our favorite characters from those early days of EPCOT Center. Yes, EPCOT Center. We all recall the days of ‘Journey Into Imagination’ with our good friends Figment and the Dreamfinder. There was something special about that attraction that was cutting edge at the time, looking back places you in a certain era of EPCOT, and also instills this memory from our past that is…

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DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast Show #60 w/ Special Guest DANNY WOODBURN (Santa Buddies, Seinfeld, Crash and Bernstein, Jingle All the Way, Death to Smoochy, TMNT) on DizRadio.com

DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast at DizRadio.com January 23, 2014 – Show #60 It’s time D-Heads! After a few weeks off to spend some much needed family time we are back! And to kick off the new year we are welcoming Actor, Comedian, ands Author DANNY WOODBURN (Santa Buddies, Seinfeld, Crash and Bernstein, Death to Smoochy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jingle All the Way) to the show! Danny is stopping to to talk about his career, projects, his upcoming book,…

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The Jungle Book and Sleeping Beauty Coming for the First Time Ever as Part of Disney’s Blu-Ray Diamond Edition Collection

Get ready D-Heads™ because all us fans of Disney classics are getting more added to our collection of Hi-Def fun! From one of my personal favorites of animation glory “Sleeping Beauty” to Walt’s last animated film before his death, “The Jungle Book”. The music, animation, and legacy of these films continue on for generations and I pass them down to my children as well. And SOON we can enjoy them fully restored! The Walt Disney Studios is pleased to announce…

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With New Adventures by Disney Trip, Families Explore the Wonders Of Austria, Germany and Czech Republic

Adventures by Disney, the award-winning leader in guided family travel, today announced a new vacation to Central Europe, adding to its more than 20 destinations across the globe. The 9-day, 8-night vacation invites families to uncover the hidden treasures of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, traveling off the beaten path in the enchanting cities of Prague, Salzburg and Vienna and spending three nights at a majestic resort in the Alps. Also new for 2014, Adventures by Disney will enhance its current Italy itinerary and add teen-focused activities to existing journeys. Each Adventures by Disney itinerary is…

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Farnsworth Presents The Wonderful World of Oz Exhibition on 75th Anniversary of Iconic Film

To coincide with the 75th anniversary of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s classic motion picture The Wizard of Oz, the Farnsworth Art Museum will open the exhibition The Wonderful World of Oz on Saturday, October 12, 2013. The show, drawn from the world’s most comprehensive collection of Oz materials, which is based in Maine, will run through spring 2014 in the museum’s Crosman Gallery. L. (Lyman) Frank Baum’s novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz became an instant sensation upon its 1900 publication. Eventually translated…

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What are the Guardians of the Galaxy?

By: D-Team Member Adam Buying Marvel has proved to be a boon for Disney, with Avengers becoming one of the highest grossing films of all time.  That success has led to speculation that Iron Man 3 will receive a similarly huge opening as it sets off Phase 2 of the Marvel Films plan. It could be argued that the success of Marvel’s Phase One movies was due in part to them building the franchise around characters that the average movie-goer…

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