Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a first in the park’s history that recently occured. A pair of tiger cubs were born by Sohni, a Sumatran Tiger and on species that is highly endangered! 

The pair are doing well and are as cute as can be. This is also a great step for both the park and also the endangered species as we continue to turn that fact around. There is a video currently up courtesy of the Walt Disney Company and it is one of those things that puts you in awe at nature and these beautiful animals. 


Both Sohni and the cubs will be able to be seen on the Maharajah Jungle Trek in a few months once they are grown a little and they have had time to bond with mom. 

Disney has always been a wide supporter of the worldwide conservation effort at the parks, worldwide and also with their ongoing Disneynature films. The Disney Conservation Fund has given almost Four Million Dollars to support the conservation of Cats such as Lions, Tigers and Snow Leopards. To stay up to date on the conservation of many endangered animals and Disney’s role in it you can visit them at DisneyAnimals.com