Some had never before touched beach sand, heard the ocean waves or left their home state until going on vacation with Signature HealthCARE. It’s all part of Signature’s culture change movement in rethinking expectations and reimagining life in nursing homes. When Signature HealthCARE residents vacation in Disney World this week, it is the 20th time since 2011 nursing home residents have adventured to new places.

“Why not take nursing home residents on vacation? Too often nursing homes are seen as the places where we stop living, but we believe there’s vibrant, full lives at a nursing home,” said Angie McAllister, Director of Cultural Transformation at Signature HealthCARE and International Board Member of the Eden Alternative Registry.

This week 24 Signature HealthCARE residents from three states are visiting Disney World’s Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Signature HealthCARE locations fundraise year-round to send residents on an elder vacation. From raffles to silent auctions and potluck benefits, fundraising for elder vacations is a community-wide effort.

“Even in the highly regulated industry of healthcare, it’s possible to make dreams come true beyond the physical boundaries of our locations and all the way to the Magic Kingdom,” McAllister said.

The dreams that have become reality since Signature started its culture change journey in 2011 only continue growing. Since then, over 1,000 nursing home residents have vacationed with Signature traveling to destinations across the country: Disney, Boston, Panama City Beach, Washington D.C., Gatlinburg, San Antonio, and Branson.

This week’s destination at Magic Kingdom represents Signature’s commitment to continue reinventing expectations in long-term care and reinfusing dreams to nursing home residents. It is the 5th time Disney World is the destination for Signature nursing home residents on vacation.