Disney Costumes from Mega Fancy Dress

Disney Costumes from Mega Fancy Dress


Fairy and princess costumes have always been the most popular dressing-up choice for young girls and the release of the new film is a great opportunity to add new and exciting Peter Pan and Tinker Bell costumes to the range. Tinker Bell is already a classic Disney icon; however, since the release of the new Tinker Bell movie, Mega Fancy Dress has seen Tinker Bell costume sales skyrocket – a trend that is likely to continue up until World Book Week in March, where schools encourage children to dress up as their favorite book characters – with Peter Pan being a popular boy’s choice!

Disney's Tinkerbell Costume is a Must Have for Little Girls

Disney’s Tinkerbell Costume is a Must Have for Little Girls

Sales Director Natasha Amin says, “The new film is based on the Disney Fairies franchise, built around Tinker Bell who first appeared in Disney’s animated movie ‘Peter Pan’ in 1953 – an adaption of the 1904 novel of the same name. ‘Secret of the Wings’ is the fourth in its series and the second to feature stereoscopic 3D. Tinker Bell is one of the most important and loved Disney characters and is considered a symbol of the magic of Disney. She has been in the opening of every single Disney movie since her first appearance.”

Mega Fancy Dress are constantly expanding their Disney costume range and are pleased to launch the new officially-licensed Disney Princess Winter Wonderland range – costumes designed for winter wear, most having long sleeves and capes. 2013 is also set to see many new designs and accessories keeping with the trend and demand for Disney princess costumes. Mega Fancy Dress stocks many Disney character costumes from Tinker Bell, Rapunzel, Merida, Cinderella, Snow White and many more. Their Disney Princess costumes are available for both children and adults to accommodate all sorts of budgets and ages.