Over the years we all have that fond love for the man behind the mouse, Mr. Walt Disney. From the creation of Mickey Mouse, to the first animated film in Snow White, he has played a part in many of our lives. There is something to be said for that. A single man had a vision and within that vision he created worlds that transport us to infinity and beyond from Theme Parks, Television, Characters, Music, and most of all Family Memories.

As we were gearing up for our next show of the podcast at DizRadio, we were looking back at many Walt Disney Pictures films since our guest is going to be that ‘voice of Disney’ from 1983 to 2007. He was the man behind the trailers, commercials and shows we also connect to Disney. Which then brings me back to Walt. He made the company, he was the vision that guided where it is now. And growing up, no one can deny how special it was to see that “WALT DISNEY PICTURES” logo light up the silver screen. It was a sign you knew something good was coming on. Something that family could watch, something to create lasting memories or motivate you.

So then you may ask me, they still do that and the words ‘Disney’ still mean that so what’s the big deal? Well, the big deal is the fact that a company with loyal fan base, a company founded and rooted with a true visionary should not be turning away from its founder and the one name all connect with quality.

The logo itself has gone through many changes over the years and as you see below, that was the newest attempt to bring it forward in look and feel. It maintained the castle we love, the magic, the music and still truly was ‘Walt Disney’.

'Walt Disney' Pictures logo before the removal of Walt.

‘Walt Disney’ Pictures logo before the removal of Walt.

But as the recent years went on, I came to realize just ‘Disney’ was being used. At first I wrote it off as a film or two, but then studying it, realized that ‘Walt’ missing was growing more and more common until recently I never see it at all. It was a phase out!

The Current 'Disney' Logo that appears sans Walt.

The Current ‘Disney’ Logo that appears sans Walt.

Some ask why, or maybe never noticed, but I did and it is a big deal. Walt IS Disney. Always will be. I fear this new direction is to make it seem less family in feel and soon they can brand Star Wars, Marvel, and characters that are not truly Disney at all in look or feel (don’t get me wrong I still love they own these iconic characters) but it is to market it as Disney as a name and then people will begin to think of Disney as a Universal or Edgier.  Although I do not feel that is a solid direction. The issue I see is over time, Disney will become all about blockbusters and super heroes and will soon will lose the yearly Animated Feature, or the Family Live Action Movie to lesser quality.

So in the end, is it a big deal? To some no. To me YES. Walt is the man, the myth, the icon, the legend, and Walt should always be part of the current story at Disney, not just become a tale of a man who started a company.

What are your thoughts?