Magic Kingdom

All New Pirates Game is Docking Up in Adventureland this Spring

As the Walt Disney World Resort continues to grow and attract new visitors they are finally adding much needed attention to one of my personal favorite areas, Adventureland. I have always felt the Magic Kingdom version of Adventureland has always fell short of that in Disneyland. And with the addition of the Aladdin Carpets, it was truly a bust. Now this may not be the answer either, but at least it shows growth, and I have been hooked already since…

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Limited Time Magic Brings Classic Characters Back From January 21-27 at the Magic Kingdom

We all remember those grand days of the Magic Kingdom and early Epcot when often you were able to catch Mickey Mouse wandering the streets of Main street USA, or the Big Bad Wolf hanging out in Fantasyland and so on. I know I have many photos of my youth with these characters and many others that are lost gems from TailSpin Team, through Robin Hood and more. Often you can only catch rare characters during the Not-So-Scary Halloween events…

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