As a Disney Fan my entire life, we all have those curiosities that grow. It all starts as a small love of Disney, then many go on to become a Cast Member, work for the Company or more. For Adam, his interest went far and beyond.

For the last few videos, you have been able to follow Adam, a Urban Explorer as he calls himself, on many adventures to areas in the Walt Disney World Resort you may have never seen or explored.

You can listen below him telling us how and why he was banned.

From backstage items to other hidden gems, he felt the ‘need’ to see these. I do believe it was harmless, but it was trespassing none the less. I do not agree that he should be banned from the resort or the parks. He apparently has a love and true appreciation for Disney. There is no malice in his mischief, and I do think, sure a fine or something in in order, and a ‘we better not catch you doing this again’, but not an all out ban.

But the truth is he was trespassing. And you can watch many of his previous videos and as he tells us, his Disney Dozen, since he is no longer allowed back. But what do you think about this? What are your thoughts?

Here are some more of his videos.