Rock Your #DisneySide at the 24 Hour Disney Parks Party!

Rock Your #DisneySide at the 24 Hour Disney Parks Party!

Rock Your #DisneySide at the 24 Hour Disney Parks Party!

On May 23rd through the 24th, guests will have the chance to show their #disneyside for 24 hours straight in either Disneyland or Magic Kingdom in Disney World. The “Rock Your Disney Side” celebration will begin at 6 AM. This year’s event marks the third year in a row that the Disney Parks have stayed open for an exciting 24 hour event.

“Laugh bigger, scream louder and stay out all day and night at an enchanting summer kick-off celebration!” –Disney Parks

Guests are encouraged to dress the part, so whether princess or pirate, hero or villain, it’s sure to be fun. If you’re planning a summer trip to Disney, consider going the week of May 23rd, and be there to experience this unique, once in a life-time day full of Disney!

Chamilia Disney Princess Collection Now Available at A Silver Breeze

Chamilia Disney Princess Collection

Chamilia Disney Princess Collection

Disney enthusiasts will love the new Chamilia Disney Princess Collection. The collection includes limited edition beads featuring classic Disney princesses. In the upcoming months, Chamilia will be launching new limited edition beads featuring Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel and Belle. A new bead will be released each month from February to July, and will only be available for a limited time.

Disney enthusiasts will love the new Chamilia Disney Princess Collection.

A Silver Breeze is proud to offer their clients the first bead from the Chamilia Disney Princess Collection, featuring Cinderella. The sterling silver Cinderella bead is accented with Swarovski crystals, enamel detailing, and a memorable quote from the movie inscribed on the back. Each bead also comes with a meaningful card explaining what makes the princess and the woman who will wear the bead so special. The Cinderella bead retails for $65.00USD and can be purchased in store or online. For further information on products, promotions and to make purchases, please visit A Silver Breeze in store or online. A Silver Breeze ensures every customer’s shopping experience to be an unforgettable one.

DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast Show #64 w/ Special Guest REGAN BURNS (Dog With A Blog, Sonny With A Chance, Cinemania, God Bless America) on

DisneyBlu's Disney on Demand Podcast Show #64 w/ Special Guest REGAN BURNS (Dog With A Blog, Sonny With A Chance, Cinemania, God Bless America) on

DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast Show #64 w/ Special Guest REGAN BURNS (Dog With A Blog, Sonny With A Chance, Cinemania, God Bless America) on

DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast at

February 27, 2014 – Show #64

It’s time D-Heads! Get ready for a talking dog as we welcome REGAN BURNS (Dog With A Blog, Sonny With A Chance, Cinemania, God Bless America) to the show. Regan stops in and talks about his career, the infamous Burger King commercial, and being on Disney’s hit show Dog With A Blog. He also answers the age old question, does Stan really talk.

In addition we have the D-Team back. Erin dips into the virtual mailbag in I Want to Know. We have the debut of Caitlin and WDW-in-2. And let’s not forget Lexie here with the Hollywood Walk and more!

There is news hot off the D-Wire with news about new films, online streaming, music, the parks, park expansions, classics, and LPs, The Muppets, Netflix, Marvel and all kinds of magic!

So it’s time to Put on Your Ears, Give it a Little Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, and get ready to Relive the Magic, Memories and Appreciation from Your Lifetime of Disney with DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand “A New Kind of Disney Show”!

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Take A Ride Into Family Game Night In A Doom Buggy!

The 1972 Classic Game: The Haunted Mansion

The 1972 Classic Game: The Haunted Mansion

In a world of technology, apps, ipads, tablets and smart phones, it is hard to imagine a world where we sat down as a family and played board games together as a unit. And after a fun filled trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, what better way to relive that visit that by playing Disney’s Haunted Mansion Pop Up Board Game!

This classic game hit the scene in 1972 and was developed by Lakeside Games. Overall this pop up game proves to be fun in a simple way. The goal, make your way through the mansion in your Doom Buggy. As you make your way through the game play, the ghosts spin and move make the board ever changing.

Overall it is a simple concept, but a fun one none the less. I have many memories playing this game when I was young with my siblings and the best part was just looking at the artwork.

It was games like these that helped you relive your visit to the parks, recall the images you saw and make you want to go again.

The game is hard to find, but if you look hard enough I am sure the 999 Happy Haunts can help turn one up for you. There is a nice 3D rending of the game displaying how it moves and game play online. Oh how the memories are rushing back now.

The Muppets and Lipton Inspires People to “Be More Tea” and Break Out of the Autopilot of Every Day

Lipton Tea

Lipton Tea

Lipton® revealed plans for the launch of its “Be More Tea campaign,” a new global brand positioning encouraging people to snap out of their routines and to embrace each day with a more present, playful and thoughtful mindset. The campaign will kick off with a 60-second spot to air during the Academy Awards featuring the Muppets as they prepare for their upcoming movie “Muppets Most Wanted.”

“We live in a busy world. It’s easy to slip into a routine with our heads down, moving from one place or obligation to the next. Lipton wants to inspire consumers to ‘look up’, take in all that life has to offer and enjoy what you may have otherwise missed,” said Alfie Vivian, vice president of refreshments for Unilever. “This is what ‘Be More Tea’ means to Lipton and the philosophy we will bring to life in our new national ad campaign starring the Muppets.”

While launching in the U.S., the “Be More Tea” campaign marks the first time the iconic brand has introduced one global positioning worldwide.

Lipton® Inspires People to "Be More Tea™" and Break Out of the Autopilot of Every Day

Lipton® Inspires People to “Be More Tea™” and Break Out of the Autopilot of Every Day

The new ad featuring the Muppets will air for the first time on TV during the Academy Awards on Sunday, March 2. It highlights the essence of the “Be More Tea” spirit with the playfulness, fun and irreverence of the Muppets. The ad was created and produced by adam&eveDDB, London.

“Making movies and dating Miss Piggy can be stressful – especially the dating part. But I always try to stay cool and look on the bright side,” said Kermit the Frog. “That’s what this Lipton campaign is all about. In a world filled with high-stress wild-in-the-street types like Animal, you have to take time to enjoy life and ‘Be More Tea.'”

Miss Piggy―diva, fashion icon and star of Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted”―is photographed by the paparazzi (aka Animal) during the filming of Lipton’s “Be More Tea” commercial.

Miss Piggy―diva, fashion icon and star of Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted”―is photographed by the paparazzi (aka Animal) during the filming of Lipton’s “Be More Tea” commercial.

Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted,” opens nationwide March 21.

To learn more about Lipton or to view the ad, visit Lipton’s YouTube or Facebook pages.

Walt Disney Records’ Frozen Soundtrack And “Let It Go” Single Both Certified Platinum

Disney's 'Frozen' Official Soundtrack

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Official Soundtrack

Eleven weeks after its release, the Frozen soundtrack has certified Platinum, selling over 1,000,000 copies, and has spent four non-consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Industry sources are forecasting the album’s return to the top position on Wednesday. The last soundtrack to spend 5 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart was 1998’s “Titantic.” The Oscar-nominated song “Let It Go,” performed by Idina Menzel, also certified Platinum with sales over 1.2M. Menzel, who provides the voice of Elsa in the film, will perform the song at the Oscars (March 2).

The album maintains its No. 1 position on Billboard’s Soundtrack Chart, peaked at No. 1 on the iTunes Overall Chart (and in 31 countries), plus Amazon’s Overall Music Category, Pop, and Overall MP3 charts. Additionally, over 3.6M combined digital tracks have been sold to date.

In wide release since November 27, “Frozen” posted the No. 1 all-time Thanksgiving debut and the largest opening ever for a Walt Disney Animation Studios film. “Frozen,” Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 53rd feature film, has earned more than $980 million worldwide, including $384 million domestically. Named best-animated film by more than a dozen critics associations, it won a Golden Globe® for best animated film, plus five Annie Awards. The film is nominated in two categories for the Oscars: best animated feature and best original song (“Let It Go”). “Frozen” is available in Digital HD and Digital 3D today and via the newly launched Disney Movies Anywhere.

The soundtrack features eight original songs from Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Tony® Award-winning songwriter Robert Lopez plus score by the composer of last year’s Oscar®-winning short “Paperman,” Christophe Beck. 

The Frozen soundtrack, the Frozen two-disc deluxe edition and the digital deluxe edition soundtrack (featuring 23 and 27 additional tracks respectively, including demos, outtakes and a “Let It Go” instrumental karaoke track) are available at physical and online retail. The Deluxe Edition Vinyl collectible is also available for pre-order at

Disney's Frozen Hits Theaters December 6

Disney’s Frozen Hits Theaters December 6

For more information on Walt Disney Records’ releases, please visit, become a fan at or follow us at To purchase Disney music, visit the online store at

Watch Disney, Pixar, and Marvel Movies NOW with the Disney Movies Anywhere App

Watch Disney, Marvel and Pixar Movies the Disney Movies Anywhere App

Watch Disney, Marvel and Pixar Movies the Disney Movies Anywhere App

The Walt Disney Studios today unveiled its exclusive cloud-based digital movie service, Disney Movies Anywhere. This all-new app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Web experience enables consumers to discover, purchase, manage, and watch movies from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel at home and on the go. iTunes is the premier digital movie provider for Disney Movies Anywhere.

Disney Movies Anywhere App Interface

Disney Movies Anywhere App Interface

The debut of Disney Movies Anywhere coincides with the digital release of Disney’s hit film “Frozen” and features Disney’s library of over 400 active digital titles. In addition, for a limited time, Disney Movies Anywhere users who activate and connect their Disney Movies Anywhere account to their iTunes account will receive a free digital copy of Disney•Pixar’s animated classic “The Incredibles.”

“Disney Movies Anywhere offers an exceptional consumer experience built around some of the most beloved and popular entertainment brands in the world,” said Alan Bergman, President, The Walt Disney Studios. “This unique technology underscores Disney’s commitment to meeting our consumers where they are with the content they want, and we’re thrilled to debut with iTunes, the #1 digital media retailer in the world.”

As a trusted creator of premium entertainment experiences for the whole family, Disney is committed to making it easier than ever for consumers to dive in and grow their digital movie libraries. In a seamless and family-friendly experience, Disney Movies Anywhere unlocks digital content across platforms and devices, enabling access to user-owned Disney digital content and movies in the Disney Movies Anywhere ecosystem and through iTunes.

Enjoy your movies on the go

Enjoy your movies on the go

With an easy-to-use interface, consumers can explore live-action and animated films from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel; watch exclusive content and bonus features; preview upcoming offerings; and more. Users can simply connect their iTunes account to their Disney Movies Anywhere account to begin populating their Disney digital movie locker and watch movies online and on their devices. Featuring simultaneous access on multiple devices, Disney Movies Anywhere enables consumers to stream and download Disney movies on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Apple TV (through iCloud or using AirPlay). In addition, Disney Movies Anywhere functions as a streaming movie service when users log in to the website on their desktop or laptop computers (Mac or PC).

“Disney Movies Anywhere is an adaptable digital ecosystem designed to help consumers consolidate their Disney movie collections and enjoy them for years to come,” said Jamie Voris, Chief Technology Officer, The Walt Disney Studios. “The beauty of this technology is that it enables us to work with iTunes and future provider partners to ensure movie lovers have streamlined access to all of their favorite Disney titles no matter which device they are on. The intuitive layout of the website and app creates an easy and enjoyable browsing environment for the whole family.”

Since 2008, Disney has included codes in select DVD and Blu-ray products redeemable for digital copies of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel films. Users can now redeem these codes through Disney Movies Anywhere, and Digital Copy titles previously redeemed in Disney Movie Rewards or via iTunes will automatically be active in both Disney Movies Anywhere and iTunes once a user logs into Disney Movies Anywhere and connects their iTunes account. Additionally, for the first time, consumers can now earn Disney Movie Rewards points for their digital purchases through Disney Movies Anywhere going forward.

Disney Movies Anywhere’s functionality is built upon Disney’s proprietary digital rights locker, KeyChest.

The Disney Movies Anywhere App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at Sign up is also available through the Disney Movies Anywhere website.

Walt Disney’s Olympic Engagement

By: D-Team Caitlin

The 1960 Winter Olympics

The 1960 Winter Olympics

Did you know that Walt Disney was involved in the organization of the 1960 Winter Olympics? This overlooked detail of Walt’s career is one that changed the course of Olympic history.

In 1958, the Olympics’ organizers invited Walt to be Chairman of the Pageantry Committee. The Olympics were to be held in Squaw Valley, California. After accepting the position, Walt proceeded by recruiting a team from within the Disney company, including the legendary John Hench, Ron Miller, Card Walker, and several others.

There were many notable innovations that Walt and his team brought to the Squaw Valley games, most importantly, the tradition of televised opening and closing ceremonies. Can you imagine not being able to follow the Olympics on television? Watching the Opening Ceremony is a beloved tradition for many. It is amazing to know that Walt was behind the first ceremony broadcast on CBS that year.

Walt Disney and John at the 1960 Winter Olympics

Walt Disney and John at the 1960 Winter Olympics

For a more detailed look at the Disney Company’s involvement in the 1960 Winter Olympics, read this in-depth article by The Walt Disney Family Museum, and watch the 1960 Opening Ceremony.

Star Wars Episode VII: Top 3 Fan Made Posters

So in the wake of all of us gearing up for Star Wars Episode VII, there is once again a buzz, a feeling of excitement, the force if you will making us all smile. If one studio can make a continuation to the saga, it is the Walt Disney Studios. Now I have to admit that I am just as excited for these films as I was for the prequels, and even the Special Edition releases. And I think I am most excited that my two youngest boys I will be able to share the excitement of taking them to the theaters to see an All-New Star Wars movie, something we will never forget doing together.

So enough of my rambling on. Star Wars Episode VII is coming our way none the less and fans from all over have been creating fake trailers, posters, pop art, as well as dropping very wrong information about the production of the film. But it does make it fun and exciting. So after spending many hours not working but looking at all the fan art, I have come to bring you my top 3 choices of the best fan made posters in the galaxy we call the internet.

Let’s begin with the strongest and most brilliant one. “The Evil Never Ends. Just Evolves.” This is great on many levels. First the photoshop work is fantastic. And from a graphic design aspect all items are in place from fantastic use of fonts, to placement, alignment and more. Now the concept is brilliant in the fact is still brings Vader’s helmet to the forefront connecting the films together even though we are aware Vader is gone. It hints at a new villain but doesn’t give away too much. This could mean anyone is game in the new extended universe of the films. All around this is a strong piece of fan art that is wonderful and exciting for the film.

"The Evil Never Ends. Just Evolves."

“The Evil Never Ends. Just Evolves.”

Now for the second one. “There Is Another Skywalker…” I love this poster for a variety of reasons. It is dark, much like the Jedi Posters of past. It also hints at Luke and Leia’s children. And let’s face it, they will be a key role in the next series of films. It teases you just enough to wonder where the story is going, it graphically gives a new look to the Jedi that hasn’t been seen since the prequels (meaning in the later films, Jedi were gone extinct). And the use of the deep black in the poster makes this fan piece pleasing to look at.

"There Is Another Skywalker..."

“There Is Another Skywalker…”

And finally the last of my top 3.  “Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side”. This poster is pleasing in a variety of ways. It has a great use of a lighter feel to it. It compliments the colors we see throughout the universe and also has the Falcon right there to keep us feeling at home with visuals we are used to seeing. It also gives us a hint to evil rising after what seems to be a calm galaxy now.

"Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side"

“Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side”

So there you have it. My top 3 Star Wars Episode VII posters made by fans of the universe all over the internet. What are your thoughts on these posters? Do you know of others that are exceptional? Let us know.


Remembering the Anniversary of Clarence Charles “Ducky” Nash Passing on February 20, 1985

Clarence Charles "Ducky" Nash (December 7, 1904 – February 20, 1985)

Clarence Charles “Ducky” Nash
(December 7, 1904 – February 20, 1985)

As Walt once said, Mickey is Mickey, Donald is Donald. But we all know that there are some very talented people that have been behind these characters for ages. Many of which we have had as guests here at And one of those first people to bring life into Walt’s characters was that of Clarence Charles “Ducky” Nash, the original, yes you guessed it, Donald Duck.

Donald has been Mickey’s friend and one of the fab five for ages. From his hot temper, to silly antics, you instantly fell in love with Donald. He was a character many could relate to. We all get hot headed, lose our temper and get frustrated when family members (like his nephews) cause trouble. But always in the end Donald was happy, humble and loveable. To this day Donald is still a fan favorite.

Clarence was such a key player in many classic animated cartoons that he was also the original voice of Tom in ‘Tom & Jerry’. And his hometown of Watonga, Oklahoma honors him with a street named after him. Walt had known who Nash was previously and asked him for information autions and assigned him to do some family of ducks in an animated feature. It would go on to be a lifelong career for him. The last film to feature the talents of our favorite duck was in ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’, although some commercials and promos afterward before his passing were still in existence.

So let’s not forgot how important these actors are in bringing our favorite characters to life. And in honor of the Anniversary of Nash’s death today, let’s all watch some Donald Duck and laugh the day away in these shorts that stand the test of time.

Clarence Charles “Ducky” Nash
December 7, 1904 – February 20, 1985


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DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast Show #165 w/ Special Guest JOAQUIN GARAY III (Paco in Herbie Goes Bananas, Son of Joaquin Garay the Original Voice of Panchito) on

February 17, 2017

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American Girl Gives Girls More Characters And More Stories To Love In 2017!

February 14, 2017

For more than 30 years, girls have met and fallen in love with American Girl characters—both historical and contemporary—that have helped build self-confidence, inspire creativity, and give a broader understanding of the world. Now, in response to thousands of impassioned requests from fans for more options, American Girl is introducing a new series of contemporary […]

New Museum Exhibition to Feature Original Works by Renowned Comic Book Artist Alex Ross

February 14, 2017

“Superheroes and Superstars: The Works of Alex Ross”—a new exhibition featuring the work of one of the world’s greatest comic book artists—will be on view at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley (MSV) from February 11 through May 14, 2017. The MSV is the first venue to host this traveling exhibition, which has been organized […]

Feld Entertainment Recalls Toy Wands Due to Injury Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Disney On Ice and Disney Live Shows

February 13, 2017

  Name of Product: Light-spinner toy wands Hazard: The top component can detach and expose an eight inch metal rod, posing an injury hazard to young children. Remedy: Refund Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled wands and contact Feld Entertainment to receive a full refund. Consumer Contact: Feld Entertainment at 800-755-1530 or 703-448-3683 from […]

“Beauty and the Beast” to Become a Brand-New Stage Spectacular Aboard Disney Cruise Line

February 12, 2017

A tale as old as time gets ready to take the stage with “Beauty and the Beast,” a brand-new musical production inspired by Disney’s live-action adaptation of the animated classic. The show will expand upon the most imaginative elements of the highly anticipated live-action and classic films and delight Disney Cruise Line guests aboard the […]

World Premiere Studio Recording Of Disney Freaky Friday A New Musical

February 10, 2017

The world premiere studio recording of Disney’s Freaky Friday, the new musical based on the beloved novel by Mary Rodgers and two hit Disney films, is released digitally by Walt Disney Records today, February 10, 2017. The album is available now wherever digital music is sold ( and streamed ( Physical CDs will be available […]

DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast Show #164 w/ Special Guest AARON WALLACE (Author of Hocus Pocus in Focus, The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom & Epcot) on

February 10, 2017

DisneyBlu’s at February 9, 2017 – Show #164 It’s Time D-Heads! This week we head into the Disney Parks, the Future and Films as AARON WALLACE (Author of Hocus Pocus in Focus, The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom, The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Walt Disney World: Epcot) stops in to the […]

HomeAway to give away a fairy tale-like castle stay in celebration of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”

February 9, 2017

With excitement building for the live-action adaptation of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast®” featuring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, HomeAway® is teaming up with Disney to celebrate the film by giving one lucky winner and 20 of his or her chosen guests an unprecedented #HomeAwayCastle stay experience in Scotland this summer. With its contest that […]

Star Wars — Film Concert Series to Feature Iconic Scores Performed Live To Film

February 8, 2017

The New York Philharmonic will present the World Premiere of the Star Wars — Film Concert Series featuring screenings of the complete films A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens with Oscar-winning composer John Williams’ musical scores performed live to the films. The concerts will be led […]

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Recalls Mickey Mouse Nightlights Due to Fire Hazard

February 3, 2017

Name of Product: Happy Holidays! Mickey Mouse Nightlights Hazard: Liquid from the nightlight can leak onto the electrical outlet, posing a fire hazard. Remedy: Refund Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled nightlights and contact Walt Disney Parks and Resorts US, Inc. for instructions on returning them for a full refund. Consumer Contact: Walt Disney […]


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