TRON: Uprising Soundtrack Music From And Inspired By The Disney XD Animated Television Series Set For Digital Release On January 8, 2013

Walt Disney Records will release the soundtrack for TRON: Uprising, the Disney XD animated television series inspired by the films TRON (1982) and TRON: Legacy (2010) on January 8, 2013. The TRON: Uprising soundtrack features the original score from the series composed by Joseph Trapanese and will be available in digital format and also via Amazon’s Disc on Demand. In addition to the 16 tracks provided by Trapanese, TRON: Uprising soundtrack also includes remixes from 3OH!3 and J.T., Opiuo, David Hiller , and a brand new track from Hollywood Records’ rising EDM star, 16-year-old Cole Plante , entitled “Rezolution.”


Trapanese worked in tandem with Daft Punk on the score for TRON: Legacy. Drawing on his background in classical orchestration as well as film scoring, Trapanese functioned as both arranger and orchestrator, arranging the duo’s music to picture and conveying their ideas to the orchestra. It was Daft Punk who recommended Trapanese as the composer for TRON: Uprising.
Bridging the gap between 1982’s “TRON” and 2010’s “TRON: Legacy,” composer Joseph Trapanese follows in the footsteps of Wendy Carlos ‘ and Daft Punk’s groundbreaking scores with his work on TRON: Uprising. As arranger and orchestrator, his collaboration with Daft Punk on TRON: Legacy resulted in a top 10 album in the US, along with a gold certification for 500,000 units sold. For ‘Uprising,’ Joseph adapted the original Daft Punk synthesizer patches and sound palette used in TRON: Legacy for Beck’s journey in Argon City, paying homage to the film while also broadening the sonic world of The Grid with new instrumentation and color.

“The artistic and creative directors of the series worked closely with the writers of the film to create a firm connection to the film while being its own unique, distinct world,” said Trapanese. “That’s where this process was most rewarding, the ability to start with a framework of cool sounds, ideas, and textures, but then take it to the new places that the series went.”
Trapanese’s cinematic score paints an aural picture that matches “TRON: Uprising’s” futuristic animation. Set in the era of “TRON” between the stories in the 1982 feature film and Walt Disney Studios’ “TRON: Legacy,” “TRON: Uprising” delves inside the computer world of The Grid and the people who live there with a visually striking series produced in CG animation with 2D aesthetic. “TRON: Uprising” stars Elijah Wood (Beck), Mandy Moore (Mara), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Paige), and Bruce Boxleitner reprising the role as Tron. Fans of TRON: Uprising will recognize Trapanese’s elegantly crafted compositions on the soundtrack.

“We had a lot more footage to cover than we had with the film, almost 7 hours,” says Trapanese. “And with animation, we’re not hindered by the limitations of visual effects and real world stunts. The scope can be much bigger. Through the two years of collaboration with Daft Punk, we found a balance of electronics and orchestra that worked very well for The Grid, and I’ve tried to build on that. The remixes for the show are from artists whom I have a great respect for and Cole’s track is added on as his unique, artistic reaction to what we’ve been doing.”
A classically trained musician, Trapanese has played the piano and trombone from a young age—including performing at Carnegie Hall with the New York Youth Symphony. He completed his undergraduate work in music composition at the Manhattan School Of Music then continued at UCLA’s Music for Visual Media program for graduate school. Here, he was given the first ever Jerry Goldsmith Award in 2007. Soon after, Trapanese started working on “Dexter” as orchestrator. Since then he has provided arrangements and orchestrations for ” Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief,” “Butter,” “Fast Five,” among numerous other films and television shows.

TRON: Uprising track list:
“Beck’s Theme” – Lightbike Battle
“Tesler Throwdown”
“Paige’s Past”
“Lux’s Sacrifice”
“Price of Power”
“Rescuing the Rebellion”
“Dyson Drops In” (Scars Suite)
“TRON’s Promise” (Scars Suite)
“TRON’s Turn” (Scars Suite)
“Beck Betrayed” (Scars Suite)
“Torture” (Scars Suite)
“Revenge” (Scars Suite)
“Redemption” (Scars Suite)
“Goodbye Renegade”
“Compressed Space”
“Renegade’s Pledge” – End Credits
“Lightbike Battle” (3OH!3 and JT Remix)
“Inferno” (Opiuo Remix)
“Dyson” (David Hiller Remix)
“Rezolution” – Cole Plante

Visit the official Disney XD site for “TRON: Uprising” for more information: Become a fan at Facebook:

The TRON: Uprising digital soundtrack will be available January 8th through all major digital retailers. The digital soundtrack is available for pre-order at iTunes and For more information on Walt Disney Records ‘ releases, please visit, become a fan at or follow us at

Runners Get Ready: The Run Disney-Double Dumbo Dare at Disneyland is Coming

December 20, 2012 Disneyland No Comments

by: D-Team Pixie Michele

Disney Parks Blog announced today that a new race will be coming to Disneyland as part of the runDisney family.

Run-Disney-Logo-1024x407In addition to the Tinkerbell half marathon, Disney Family Run (5K), Kids Races (ages 8 and under) and now the new Dumbo Double Dare (August 31-September 1, 2013). For those hard core runners looking for a challenge, dare to take the Dumbo Double Dare! The double dare takes place over 2 days; participants will run the Disneyland 10K on Saturday and the Disneyland Half Marathon on Sunday. That’s a total of 19.3 miles over 2 days. If you run for the famed runDisney medals be sure to register for the Dumbo Double Dare to be awarded the special Dumbo Double Dare medal as well as the Half Marathon and 10K finisher medals.

The Half Marathon course map hasn’t been released yet but has historically taken a trail through the Disneyland Park, onto the streets of Anaheim, past the Honda Center, home of the Anaheim Ducks, along the Santa Ana trail overlooking the Santa Ana river, through Angel Stadium, home of the Angels of Anaheim and then onto Disney’s Paradise Pier and to the Disneyland Hotel for a finish. According to runDisney, “Ideal weather and a flat loop course set the stage for an exhilarating Half Marathon designed to shatter personal bests”.

runDisney hosts events coast to coast from a variety of race lengths and themes at Walt Disney World parks to the new Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland.

The runDisney website offers information and pricing as well as training tips and a training programs of every level with Jeff Galloway.

Journalist Pays Homage to Disney and Related Parks; New Release by Chuck Schmidt

“Disney’s Dream Weavers”

“Disney’s Dream Weavers”

Four plots of desolate land – an ex-orange grove, soggy field near a busy city, former dump and alligator-infested swampland – didn’t have much going for them until someone with vision turned them into wonderlands. This new book details a common thread that runs through entertainment venues decades apart: Disneyland in California, Walt Disney World in Florida, Freedomland in the Bronx and the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair in Queens. That common thread includes C.V. Wood, general manager of Disneyland, who went on to create his own vision – Freedomland, a U.S. history-themed park. The author visited them all.

“Disney’s Dream Weavers” weaves a tale of beloved theme parks, starting with Disneyland, the world’s first theme park, which opened in 1955. Wood worked with Disney to make the park a reality. After Wood left Disney under less-than-idea circumstances, he built Freedomland. The world’s fair highlighted another aspect of Disney: the company’s state-of-the-art Audio-Animatronics technology. Another Disney employee, Van Arsdale France, who developed customer service training programs and handled traffic during Disneyland’s opening, did similar tasks at Freedomland. He also created training guidelines for the It’s a Small World workers at the World’s Fair and for future employees at Walt Disney World.

The author’s memories take readers back to such attractions as Freedomland’s horseless carriage ride, elaborate Civil War scenes and a stagecoach robbery; the World’s Fair’s stunning Ford Motor Company’s Magic Skyway and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, featuring a life-like figure standing and speaking; the monorail ride leading to Disney World and the character-shaped topiary; and the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland. The book pays homage to those working behind the scenes to create parks that live on in memories as well as those still attracting tourists today. Photos, most of them from the author’s own albums, bring the parks to life once again.

Award-winning journalist Chuck Schmidt has covered several major Disney events, including Walt Disney World’s 15th and 25th anniversaries, christenings of the Disney Cruise Line’s Dream (2011) and Fantasy (2012) ocean liners and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park’s grand opening in 1998. He shares his passion for Disney in his blog Goofy about Disney on He and his wife, Janet, have three children and three grandchildren.

For additional information, please visit

Adventures by Disney Named #1 Tour Operator by World Travel Awards

Adventures by Disney

The accolades for the Disney brand just keep on rolling in. Earlier this year Aulani was rated in the Conde Nast “Hot List 2012” and now Adventures by Disney has been named the “Worlds Leading Luxury Tour Operator” by World Travel Awards. Earlier this year Adventures by Disney also won the “North America Leading Tour Operator” award for the fourth year in a row!

Let’s look past the price tag and see what sets Adventures by Disney apart from the rest.

  • Hassle Free Travel from beginning to end: Everything is taken care of from start to finish. When you arrive at your departure destination expect and airport meet and greet and transfers to your hotel. Transportation within the trip is also included, so any buses, trains, boats, etc you’ll be taking on your adventure are already coordinated and paid for. Luggage service is also included so you don’t have to worry about getting your bags from place to place and a concierge is on hand to answer questions or offer suggestions on how to spend your free time.
  • VIP Treatment: Private events and privately guided tours are all part of your experience. You can expect Disney to have backstage access to wonderful experiences and preferential treatment for front of the line access to the most popular museums and attractions.
  • Adventure Guides and Authentic Experiences: Each adventure is staffed with knowledgable Disney Adventure Guides that will be with you throughout your entire experience. You’ll also meet with various locals to have unique cultural experiences and historical adventures. Disney also tailors events just for Junior Adventurers so everyone is guaranteed to have a great time.
  • Spectacular Dining and Exceptional Hotels: Unique and upscale accommodations from the highest rated hotels to historical castles. Most meals are included for the duration of your trip and you’ll know up front which meals aren’t included. There are dinner and movie nights just for the kids so the adults can have some time on their own. Taxes and gratuities for the meals and dining staff are also included.
  • The Best Destinations: There are adventures throughout North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Asian and the Pacific. From the taming of the last frontier to the most exotic locations in Cambodia, or Ecuador and the Galapagos islands you can find an unforgettable adventure with Adventures by Disney.

Adults only departures are available for certain itineraries, ask your travel agent about those itineraries and departures. If you are taking a Disney Cruise Line vacation, ask about an Adventures by Disney add on to increase your cruise experience.

As an Authorized Disney Vacation planner I specialize in Disney Destinations. Feel free to contact me for more information about this or any other Disney experience and find out how I can make your trip Pixie Perfect!

How will Disney’s Acquisitions Affect the Parks?

December 17, 2012 D-Team, Walt Disney World Comments Off on How will Disney’s Acquisitions Affect the Parks?

by: D-Team Member Adam

The last decade has seen the Walt Disney Company make one genius purchase after another.  Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm… any one of these properties are worth a fortune and will provide an endless well of inspiration for future Disney projects.

The Walt Disney World Resorts Parks

Which is it’s own minor problem with the fanbase.  Each of the acquisitions has led to endless fan speculation about what Disney plans to do with them, particularly in regards to the Disney Parks.  Will we get a Pixar Park? Will we get a World of Marvels?  Is Disney’s Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away in the near future?

I thought I would discuss some of the speculation and talk about what I’d like to see from Disney. Bear in mind, I have no inside knowledge.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

People have sort of gone nuts with the Lucasfilm purchase.  The internet was ablaze with both outrage and excitement.  The outrage is attributable to the fact that some people have a bizarre desire to hate the Mouse, or as I like to think of it, people who have no soul.

Among the excited crowd, one of the questions I heard was “will Disney build a Star Wars park?” Again, I have no inside knowledge, but I think I can pretty definitively say “no”.

The main reason being that the new and improved Star Tours has all the bases pretty well covered.   It covers so many landscapes from the films, there wouldn’t be that much to mine for a whole park.  Which isn’t to say that we won’t see any attractions. I’d love to see an X-Wing Roller Coaster or an attraction based on the Millenium Falcon.  One suggestion I saw from a fan was that they should build a Mos Eisley Cantina.  That would be amazing!  Much like Sonny Eclipse in Tomorrowland, they could build an animatronic band to play. The Backlot Express located next to the Jedi Academy is ripe for replacement.

But Lucasfilm isn’t limited solely to the Star Wars Universe.

Between Marvel and Lucasfilm, it seems pretty obvious we can expect Howard the Duck to become the new star of Disney!  (Kidding. Mostly.)

Many have argued that Disney needs to do something about The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. It’s not that it’s a bad attraction… it’s just a one and done.  Much like the Backlot Tour, it never quite felt a worthwhile show.  The Backlot Tour has been gone for a few years now, replaced with the far superior Lights! Motors! Action! Extreme Stunt Show.  Now that Disney owns Indiana Jones, it’s time to do something about Indy as well.

I’ve always lamented the absence of the Indiana Jones Adventure in Walt Disney World.  I always thought that they kept it exclusive to Disneyland as another way to maintain individuality between Disney Parks. Now seems like a great time to reconsider and give us a new improved Indiana Jones Adventure, perhaps one separate from Temple of the Forbidden Eye.  I’m not the biggest fan of Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, but if the Imagineers can make the Star Wars Prequels into an amazing thrill ride, they can certainly handle this job.

Walt Disney World

I honestly don’t think Disney would break up the Lucasfilm properties.  Star Tours 2 and Jedi Academy just opened. It seems unlikely they’d move it.  More likely they’d just appropriate more of that wing of Hollywood Studios into a Lucasland or something. On the other hand, Indy might be a great alternative to the much belabored Avatarland project in Animal Kingdom.  However, I would love to see Pixar’s Brave take up that spot, giving us Disney’s version of Scotland.

The question is often asked, “when will Disney build a new park?” The consensus being that Disney needs to expand to accommodate our wishes. The most common complaint is that Disney doesn’t have their own version of Universal’s Islands of Adventure, a true thrill-ride park.  The reality is that it would cost billions to build a new park, and in the current economic climate, Disney may be reluctant to take that plunge.

If and when they do decide to build, you can bet it won’t be until after they’ve broken Universal’s lease on the Marvel Characters.  It’s anyone’s guess as to how close they are to doing it, but Universal has been beefing up their non-Marvel attractions for the last few years.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is even giving Disney a run for their money in terms of scale and execution.

The Now, Disney Owned, Marvel Universe

While we might not see a new park, smaller attractions will probably start to pop up. Disney is already planning on bringing in Marvel characters to the parks for photos and autographs.   There was a rumor that Innoventions might be replaced with the Stark Expo from Iron Man 2.  As much as I love Innoventions, a revamp of it that combines Marvel with Science and the World’s Fair seems like something Walt would have approved of.

Sooner or later, we’re going to see these projects emerging.  With the popularity of their new properties currently exploding (particularly Marvel), Disney won’t wait long to capitalize on them.

Until then we’ll just have to keep wishing.


FastPass+ and “Next Gen” at Walt Disney World

New Disney RFID System

by: D-Team Member Michele

The Walt Disney World parks have been in the process of implementing the new FastPass+/RFID technologies throughout their parks over the last year or so. While i’m sure the process was in the works long before that, its effects have been noticed by guests over the last year or so and have been addressed by the Walt Disney Company.

So what is RFID and how are the changes to the FastPass system going to effect your visit? Let’s break it down:

  • What is it? Think of this new technology as the next step in the Fast Pass system. When the FastPass ticketing system was originally introduced it was the best thing since sliced bread. Now we could obtain a ticket for the most popular attractions that would tell us when to return to the ride for a much shorter (if any) wait time. Brilliant! The new RFID is based on that same idea but is taken to the next level. Instead of issuing paper tickets when you are at the park guests will be able to select a time to experience a certain number of attractions in each park before they even leave home.

    WDW RFID System

  • Where is it? RFID technology will be used throughout throughout each of the parks. Free Wi-Fi began creeping into the Disney parks shortly after resort wide wi-fi was announced. The Magic Kingdom was first on the agenda for the technology and the other parks followed suit. Downtown Disney has also been included in the free wi-fi initiative (it’s not really an initiative but I like that word…makes me think of The Avengers). Aside from pre-selecting rides this technology will also be part of a “touch-to-pay” system that is being used at certain resort counter service and shopping locations. Guests will be able to simply tap their card (presumably the Key to the World Card) on the adorable little Mickey head device and be on their way.
  • Why do we need it? The goal of the new technology is to allow guests to select a time frame to experience a certain number of attractions in each park before they even leave home. This will eliminate the need for families to break up and create “FastPass runners” to spread out and gather tickets for the various attractions they want to experience during the day. Allowing families to stay together and have a pre-plan already set in place should make for a more relaxing park going experience for everyone. The RFID reader will transmit data to the Cast Member at the attraction, who will have an i-Pad that will give them information about each guests including names of everyone in the party as well as any special celebrations, etc.
  • How does it work? The process is supposed to be very simple and will make your Key to the World Card literally your key to the kingdom. Aside from being your room key and having charging privileges you’ll also be able to use the card as your Fast Pass and for touch-to-pay at certain locations. No more keeping track of various paper Fast Passes, etc.
  • When will it start? Testing on the new technology has been ongoing with the latest test December 11th to December 15th. Guests checking in during that time were randomly selected to participate in the test and were notified in their travel documents. They could then select their attractions from home and implement the technology when they arrived at the park. Testing is ongoing and during that time the traditional FastPass paper tickets (now referred to as “FastPass Legacy”) will still be available, in a slightly smaller quantity.

There are pro’s and con’s to this concept and there has been heated debate on both sides since rumors of this new system began to leak. It was rumored Disney was going to charge for the service, much like Universal’s xPass so only those who paid for the privilege of shorter lines would benefit. There has been complaints that no one wants to choose their rides from home, it’s too much “over planning” and they didn’t want to be forced into a plan they wouldn’t want to follow later. The complaints and compliments keep coming as the system is in testing and rolling out in each of the parks. What do you think of this new system?


Michele is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner with Pixie Vacations. For more information about her no-fee concierge level services or for a free quote email her: For more tips and news on Disney Destinations you can follow her on her blog or on Facebook.

Splitsville Opening December 19th!

December 14, 2012 Walt Disney World No Comments

by: D-Team Member Michele

Splitsville Officially Opens

Now that we have New Fantasyland coursing through our veins we can slightly turn our attentions elsewhere to the other happenings in the Disney-sphere.

Splitsville is set to open Downtown Disney on December 19th and these luxury lanes are bringing more than just basic bowling to the Downtown District.

Downtown Disney’s “West Side” is home to this new 50,000 square foot facility that boasts 30 lanes of bowling (10 on the main level and 20 on the upper level) pool tables and a balcony bar within it’s two story structure.

The five bars will serve up hip creations and classic cocktails to enjoy along side the ambitious food menu. Typical bowling alley food won’t be found here. The Splitsville menu includes hand-cut steaks, mahi-mahi with Voodoo shrimp, fresh rolled sushi and hand-tossed pizza, just to name a few. The two sushi bars (one on each level) will allow you to have a seat and watch the beautiful art of sushi rolling as your dish is prepared.

Everything is Niche at Splitsville

Lane times will be sold in 90 minute blocks for $20 per person (from 5:00pm to 10:30pm) and $15 per person from 10:30am to 5:00pm and 10:30pm -2:00am. The price includes the rental of shoes, which will be delivered to you by a “lane concierge” that will also deliver the bowling balls.

With more than 60 flat screen TVs, 30 bowling lanes, pool tables and five bars Splitsville will have something for everyone! Splitsville will be open until 2am, think of it as “extra magical hours” for grown ups!

Merry Christmas: Enjoy All Christmas Classics, Lost Gems, TV Spots, Music and More in our Updated App

Merry Christmas from

Good afternoon D-Heads™, Christmas is upon us and this is the time of the year to have fun and spread that Holiday Magic.

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Pop Century vs the Art of Animation Resort

December 11, 2012 D-Team, Walt Disney World 2 Comments

by: D-Team Member Adam

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

In the 10 years since I started the Disney College Program, I never stayed at Pop Century. In fact, for 8 of those years I wasn’t aware that it was a Disney hotel. All I saw were those gaudy word signs from the highway… you know, the ones that say WHASSUP? and YO YO YO! Ugh. How did that get past Disney Imagineering?

I’ll grant you that the concept of a hotel celebrating American pop culture seems like a good idea in theory. But in execution, it looks like someone dropped a landfill from 1985 onto a hotel.

Normally I stay in one of the All Star Resorts, but for my trip this past October, someone convinced me to stay in Pop. It was explained to me that even though the exterior of the Resort is ugly, the rooms and facilities are better than the All Stars.

After 5 days at Pop Century, I can agree with that statement… sort of.

The rooms are about the same level of comfort as the ones in the All Stars. Except for the pillows. I absolutely hated the tiny pillows provided on the beds. It was hard for me to sleep without something firm to rest my head on. I don’t recall having that problem at the other Resorts. The wifi was a welcome addition to my stay. The connection was spotty here and there, but it’s possible this was due to rampant usage by guests.

I’d heard the pools were heated. Maybe the main one is (I never used it), but I was freezing in the pool local to my section.

Tow Mater

The main hall was very nice, including the modern-style Disney cafeteria and the gift shop. Admittedly, I was disappointed that there weren’t any comics in the gift shop as there were last time. I can’t tell you how much it delighted me to see comics on sale at Disney. They seem to have pulled them off of the shelves at all their sales locations.

For the most part, I would have been reasonably impressed and satisfied with Pop Century, except for one thing: the bridge.

It’s a short walk to the back of Pop Century where there sits a bridge. Across this bridge sits the spirit of Disney imagination.

Art of Animation Resort

It almost feels like a huge mistake to put Disney’s Art of Animation Resort right next to Pop. As a guest, I felt like one of the orphans that Daddy Warbucks leaves behind at the orphanage.

While I can’t speak of the room interiors, Art of Animation’s design is vastly superior to Pop. Every square inch of the resort is pleasing to the senses.

There are four sections to the resort: Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

Take a walk around to each of them and it feels like you’re traveling to other worlds.  Particularly as you walk down the roads of Radiator Springs, you’ll swear you’re in the movie.  There are giant statues of characters from each film, except for Cars. Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc and company are all roughly the size of the cars they represent.

One of the nicest features of the new rooms is that they’re all indoors.  At the All Stars and Pop, your room opens at outdoor balconies.  The buildings in Art have internal rooms, like any other Disney resort… with one noticeable exception.

Much has been made of The Big Blue Pool, the Nemo-themed main swimming pool.  I’m going to be honest. I don’t see the big deal. If I were a kid, I would probably flip my lid at the sight.  For adults, though, it’s just going to feel like any other value resort pool.  In particular, the key card blocked entrance feels like overkill.  I understand the guard at the gates of Disney’s Beach Club pool. But this one? I’m guessing it’s only there to keep Pop guests with kids from walking across the bridge and flooding the pool. Also, it didn’t seem nearly as big a pool as they were suggesting.  There were a lot of statues and play areas taking up real estate.

Watch Out For The King

The main lobby, the halls and the walls… even the cafeteria is gorgeous.  Like the buildings, the cafeteria is divided into four sections, designed to reflect the four films.  I literally had to take pictures of them because I loved the design so much.

If there is one major blemish on Art, it’s The Little Mermaid.  If you don’t know the back-story of Art, it was originally supposed to be an expansion of Pop Century. At some point in the process, plans changed and they struck gold with the new theme.  It’s pretty clear though that this was after they’d started building The Little Mermaid wing.  The buildings are all outdoor rooms.  Being fair the rest of the design fits with the other film sections, but it does break the theme in a palpable way.  First of all, Little Mermaid is the furthest section from the main hall.  It makes you feel like you’re leaving Art of Animation and walking into a different resort. As a big fan of Ariel, that’s more than a little disappointing.  Which isn’t to say you should feel cheated if your room is there. It’s still leaps and bounds above Pop.

All Are Welcome Here

Disney really set the bar with Art of Animation for what we should expect from their value resorts.  It’s almost incumbent upon them to rethink the other value resorts.  I’m happy with Disney and I’m more than willing to stay at Pop or All Start Sports, etc.  It’s just more than a little disappointing to know that this is what Disney could have been doing all along.

Embark On A Magical Medieval Adventure! Individual Software Ships Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure

Mickey’s Typing Adventure

Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends takes players on a medieval adventure and is designed to teach children ages 6-12, to touch-type by allowing them to be the hero and rescue Mickey Mouse and friends from a mysterious enchantment in Typelandia. Children are taught all of the keys on the keyboard as they journey through Typelandia and free characters from the enchantment on their way to the Palace. Additionally, the software includes quality animations of Mickey Mouse and friends, seven challenging typing games, and 10 customized Typing Courses for specific ages and skill levels.

Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends teaches kids proper typing posture and finger placement. Pass the lessons and challenges in each destination and help Mickey’s friends escape the magical enchantment. Watch the story unfold through colorful Disney animations and step-by-step instructions. Once all of Mickey’s friends are free, the player becomes the hero and joins Mickey Mouse and friends for more activities and typing games at the Palace Faire.

Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends features five challenging typing games including Gopher Mania, Run Pluto Run, Quack Cottage, Coin Catch and Spelunking, 10 customized typing courses that teach kids of all ages and skill levels how to type and a chance to play any of the five typing games with the keys they’ve just learned in the Village Arcade. Players are also challenged to complete all typing lessons in Typelandia to access the Palace Faire to play two new fun typing games: Mickey Mouse and the Pyramid of Peril, and Target Typing or choose to learn the entire keyboard and visit the Village Library to practice typing excerpts from classic Disney stories, like Aladdin, Cinderella, and Peter Pan.

“Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends demonstrates our commitment to providing both families and educators with innovative typing solutions that create an educational, entertaining, and motivating learning environment for kids,” said Jo-L Hendrickson, President and CEO of Individual Software. “Schools are beginning to teach typing at a younger age and we recognize that kids need a lot of practice and motivation to build correct finger-to-key memories to become touch typists. The lessons, challenges, and games in Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends include speed and accuracy, rhythm, dexterity, and retention, all of which reinforce the important typing skills required today.”

Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends is now available for PC and Mac as a desktop version for kids and families at home and will be available soon as a desktop, network or web version for any number of students in a classroom setting. The Enterprise Management Center has all of the tools administrators and teachers need to enroll students, adjust curriculum, and evaluate and track performance by student or class.


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CJ 4DPLEX Announces “Cars 3” as First-Ever Disney•Pixar Film to be Available in the Immersive 4DX Format

June 13, 2017

CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s leading 4D cinema company, today announced that for the first time since the company’s inception, it will be premiering a Disney•Pixar film in the immersive film-viewing format at 4DX auditoriums around the globe. The announcement marks a significant moment for 4DX and fans worldwide as “Cars 3” is the first-ever Disney•Pixar […]

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Disney Announce the Launch of Cars 3: Driven to Win

June 13, 2017

Rev up your engines! Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media today announced that Cars 3: Driven to Win is now available in the Americas for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch™ and Wii U™. Developed by Avalanche Software, Cars 3: Driven to Win […]

Invite Mickey and Donald into your Home for the Holidays in: Mickey Mouse: Merry & Scary is arriving on Disney DVD August 29th

June 9, 2017

Love Mickey Mouse? Can’t wait to spend the holidays with your best mouse friend? Invite Mickey and Donald into your home as they bring laughs and merriment to not one, but two holiday seasons! Mickey Mouse: Merry & Scary is arriving on Disney DVD August 29th, and you’ll want to catch their Halloween and Christmas […]

Calling Young Changemakers for a Disney Be Inspired ‘Summer of Service’ Grant!

June 9, 2017

Youth Service America (YSA) and The Walt Disney Company, including Disney|ABC Television Group, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, and Walt Disney Studios, are working together this summer to inspire kids and families to make a positive impact in their communities through the Disney Summer of Service campaign. Youth can use fun summer activities — like […]

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Unveils “A Galaxy of Stories” Pavilion At D23 Expo, July 14–16, 2017

June 9, 2017

Showcasing the creative process of bringing new Disney park experiences to life, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts invites guests to discover its pavilion, “A Galaxy of Stories,” at D23 Expo, July 14–16 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Guests will get an exclusive look at the new Star Wars-themed lands currently under development for Disneyland Park […]

DisneyBlu’s DizRadio: Disney on Demand Podcast Show #180 w/ Special Guest SUSAN EGAN (Meg in Hercules, The Original Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, Solo Artist, and more!)

June 8, 2017

DisneyBlu’s June 8, 2017 – Show #180 It’s Time D-Heads! This week head off in search of a demi god, steer clear of Hades and head onto Broadway as we welcome the iconic SUSAN EGAN (Meg in Hercules, The Original Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, Solo Music Artist and more) to the show! […]

Disney’s Bambi Is Out On Blu-Ray Today, Catch These Special Behind-The-Scenes Videos

June 6, 2017

Walt Disney’s Bambi is out on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD today on a Special Anniversary Edition! To celebrate this true Disney classic we have some Special Behind the Scenes Videos for you to enjoy to look into the making of the heartwarming iconic film.  ANIMATION SCHOOL   ANIMATING BAMBI’S WILDLIFE   WALT DISNEY AND […]

DisneyBlu’s DizRadio: Disney on Demand Podcast Show #179 w/ Special Guest JEFFREY BROWN (Author, Cartoonist of The Darth Vader and Son Series, The Jedi Academy Series and more)

June 2, 2017

DisneyBlu’s June 1, 2017 – Show #179 It’s Time D-Heads! This week we slow down, read with the family and make memories from a galaxy far far away as we welcome JEFFREY BROWN (Author, Cartoonist, Illustrator of the Darth Vader and Son Series, The Jedi Academy Series and more). Jeffrey stops in and discusses how he came […]


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