Fantasmic “To Go” Meals

November 27, 2012 Walt Disney World No Comments

by: D-Team Member Michele

Fantasmic! – A Must See Attraction

No trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is complete without seeing “Fantasmic”!” the nighttime spectacular featuring Sorcerer Mickey, live action theatrics, favorite Disney characters, music, movies projected on water and fireworks…it’s quite the extravaganza. In fact, Fantasmic! is such an extravaganza that it’s held in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater which seats 7,500 guests (with standing room for 1,500 more). During the summer months multiple performances of the popular show are offered because the first show is often full.

A popular alternative to lining up several hours before show time is the Fantasmic! dining package. The package allows you dinner at one of three restaurants and a pass that gives you admittance to the show which you can be seated for 30 minutes prior to show time. The restaurants included in the Fantasmic! dining package are Mama Melrose, Hollywood and Vine and The Brown Derby. The Brown Derby is a signature dining experience so if you are on the Disney Dining Plan this will take 2 of your table service entitlements; the other participating restaurants are 1 table service entitlement each.

Now there are even more options for Fantasmic! viewing, from December 22-January 5th “to go” meals are being offered as a quick service Fantasmic! dining package. These meals are made picnic style (ready to go) and are 1 quick service entitlement on the Disney Dining Plan. The meals are $15.99 per person for adults and $5.49 for kids (ages 9 and under).

Adult picnic meal choices include:

  • Cold fried chicken with roasted sweet potato and baby spinach, broccoli slaw and blueberry cheesecake
  • Veggie sandwich with tomato salad, tabbouleh and chocolate cake
  • Tuna sushi roll with beet and apple salad, ginger-marinated tomatoes and cucumbers and a spicy pecan chocolate cluster
  • Cajun shrimp salad with beet and apple salad, ginger-marinated tomatoes and cucumbers and mandarin orange cheesecake
  • Cold-cut roast beef with creamy horseradish, potato salad, grilled asparagus and chocolate cake

Kids picnic meal choices include:

  • Turkey and American cheese wrap with apples and carrots with Ranch dip, strawberry yogurt and a seven-layer cookie bar
  • Strawberry yogurt, apple wedges, carrot sticks, Goldfish crackers and an organic apple cinnamon and oatmeal bar.

Fantasmic! show times are based on availability and you can choose your show based on availability for the number of meals purchased (each meal is entitled to one seat at the show). Reservations for picnic meals can be made up to 24-hours prior (407-WDW-DINE) a credit card hold is required and full payment is due at pick up. Each meal will use 1 quick service entitlement on the Disney Dining Plan and are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. Meals can be picked up at Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner from 11a.m.-8p.m.

Currently, the picnic meals will be available for shows December 22nd to January 5th but I wonder if this will turn into a permanent option if it receives positive feedback. This type of meal is offered at Disney California Adventure Park for the popular World of Color show.


Thanksgiving Meal Anytime at Walt Disney World

November 20, 2012 Walt Disney World No Comments

by: D-Team Member Michele

The Liberty Tree Tavern at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

The time is upon us, soon we will all be in a turkey induced coma, searching for stretch pants and a nice big sofa to stretch out on.

For many people the “Thanksgiving meal” is only once a year but did you know you can find this ultimate comfort food in Walt Disney World year round?

Liberty Tree Tavern at Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite places to eat. When you want a dinner with all your classic comfort foods, Liberty Tree has what you want.

Dinner at Liberty Tree is all you can eat but it’s served family style, so the food comes to you in large quantities to share, so there’s no waiting in line at a buffet, etc. The meal begins with a salad of tossed mixed greens with a strawberry vinaigrette dressing and hot rolls with apple cinnamon butter.

The main course is a trio of meats: roasted turkey breast, carved beef and pork brisket and served with sides of mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, herbed bread stuffing and mac and cheese. Dessert rotates between an apple crisp and “Johnny Appleseed Cake”. While both are delicious i’m partial to the Johnny Appleseed Cake which is a yellow cake loaded with Craisins and served with ice cream.

If you are on a Disney Dining Plan, a dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern will cost you one table service credit from your plan. If you are paying out of pocket prices range from $17.99 (for kids ages 3-9) to $35.99 for adults.


Downers Grove North Band To Perform at Walt Disney World on Thanksgiving

Walt Disney World is the Home for many Marching Band Trips

If it is one thing that people love at Walt Disney World it is the live marching bands in the parades. From the Holiday Season to just for fun, it really adds that something special to Main Street USA. And if you are a D-Head in the state of Illinois, you will have an extra treat for Thanksgiving because the Downers Grove North Band To Perform at Walt Disney World on Thanksgiving and is one of only five high school bands in the Annual Thanksgiving Disney Parade.

Read More Below By Amanda Luevano at the Darien Patch

“The Downers Grove North band has plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, including a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

The Trojan marching band will be one of only five high schools bands in the country performing in the Walt Disney World Thanksgiving Parade of Bands on Thursday, according to District 99 officials.

More than 150 students will march in the parade through Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where they will perform a concert alongside guest artists “The Boston Brass.”

Parade coordinators contacted North High and invited the band to participate, district officials said.

“We’re fortunate and proud of the fact that we’ve developed an international reputation for giving outstanding performances for major holiday events, and this opportunity is yet another result of our reputation,” said Downers Grove North Fine Arts Chair Brayer Teague in a press release.

In previous years, the Downers Grove North band has marched in the Dublin, Ireland St. Patrick’s Day Parade; the London, England New Year’s Day Parade; and the Indianapolis 500 Parade on Memorial Day.

Band members and chaperones will depart by motor coach Tuesday, arrive in Florida on Wednesday and wake up at 3 a.m. on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, to prepare to perform. Band members are responsible for fundraising to participate in the tour, district officials said.

Band directors have established a blog ( and Facebook page ( ) so that others can follow their tour.”

The Above Originally Posted and Credited to: Amanda Luevano at the Darien Patch

A Little Holiday Magic with ‘One Magic Christmas’

Walt Disney Pictures 1985 Classic: One Magic Christmas

With Thanksgiving in near sight, I know many are gearing up for a feast with Family, Friends and Loved Ones. We are too at With that tradition also comes the real kick off to the Christmas Season. Unlike many others, I will not bring myself to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time is what I believe.

And in kicking off the Holiday Season there are so many things we are going to tackle here and on the show from special guests, to film reviews and more. And one movie I know I will be discussing, and getting some of the actors on as guests for the show, is one of my personal favorite films, One Magic Christmas.

This 1985 film will be in my player on Friday while decorating and it is such a warm and heart felt film telling you how Christmas is so much more. Now we all know that in retrospect about the season, but this has that something extra that brings a tear to your eye. With Angels, Santa and some Magic, we all leave this film with tears in a happy way and looking at ourselves and the season.

“Ginny Grainger (Steenburgen) is the mother of two children, Abbie (Harnois) and Cal (Magwood). Her husband, Jack (Basaraba), has been out of work since June, and the family has to move out of the company house by January 1. He enjoys fixing bikes in his basement and hopes to give a bike to his children’s friend, Molly Monaghan, who is poor and that’s all she wants for Christmas. Although Jack would like to open a bike shop of his own, doing so would use up all their savings, which Ginny sees as a foolish move. In order to make ends meet, she works as a cashier at a grocery store. Christmas is looming on the horizon which is causing even more trouble for Ginny and like Scrooge, she loses sight of the true meaning of Christmas.”

So kick off the holiday season and experience this film if you already haven’t. You can listen to it right now in the Lifetime of Disney Player on our site for some enjoyment while working the day away and stay tuned for guests to come on to our show about this classic.

But in the end, experience this bit of Disney Magic this Christmas.

A Closer Look at the ‘Enchanted Tales with Belle’ Attraction

New Fantasyland’s Enchanted Tales With Belle

by: D-Team Member Michele

We have been anxiously awaiting “New Fantasyland” for years now, so when the walls came down and attractions began “dress rehearsal” I was chomping at the bit to get up close and personal with all that New Fantasyland had to offer.

Some dear friends surprised me with admittance to a dress rehearsal and I was completely overwhelmed with the detail and theming in New Fantasyland. I’ll admit that although I had high hopes, I had been following the largest expansion in magic Kingdom history pretty closely and felt I was prepared for what I was going to experience, but boy was I wrong!  The up close experience is far greater than anything you could experience from seeing a photo or reading an article.

Enchanted Tales with Belle was open for dress rehearsal and I figured the lines wouldn’t be getting any shorter when it opened officially so I dragged my reluctant husband into line outside of Maurice’s cottage. The queue approaching the cottage is the perfect example of imagineering at its best. You feel completely transported into this little cottage in the woods that a haphazard inventor calls home. You can see how pieces and parts of various inventions gone wrong have turned into fixtures and decorative elements at Maurice’s cottage. The whimsical light fixtures along the path set the atmosphere for the little cottage in the woods.

Detailed Lights from Enchanched Tales with Belle

Inside the cottage there are small rooms that give you a sense of the cozy place Maurice and Belle call home. A hearty hearth welcomes you inside where blueprints and trinkets are strewn about. You continue through the living room area to Maurice’s workshop where inventions are on display. The magic mirror illuminates and magically transforms into a door that brings you into Beast Castle. You are greeted by Madame Wardrobe, you’ll remember her as the enchanted rambunctious chest of drawers that welcomes Belle to the castle. She is stunning and full of enchantments and lends her chest of drawers to props for Belle’s story-time. As Madame explains the story you’re about to hear a friendly assistant helps choose volunteers to help Belle tell her story. Knights in armor, Phillippe the horse, Chip, Mrs. Potts and others are all on hand to help tell the story.

The library is large but cozy with books from floor to ceiling. Lumiere himself welcomes you inside to gather around the hearth for the story. He introduces Belle with French flair as she arrives in the library in her golden ball gown. The story begins after a minute of instruction for Belle’s helpers and while photography is allowed, you aren’t permitted to use a flash or external video lighting. Belle’s helpers are given a bookmark after the story and then everyone is free to exit through Beast Castle. A PhotoPass photographer was on hand to take pictures of the story helpers with Belle but it wasn’t announced if they were always going to be on hand or if it was something special for the preview phase of the opening.

The detail is fantastic in the attraction

Enchanted Tales with Belle really brings the film to Life

Now Let’s Get Dressed

The story portion was cute and I enjoyed seeing inside of the cottage (especially the magical mirror) and the library at Beast Castle but it did feel like we spent a long time in the queue outside and not very long at all inside the cottage rooms. It was a bit awkward waiting for the story helpers to have their photos taken with Belle before we could exit and I can see where that might cause a problem in the future as the attraction isn’t a meet and greet. Belle leaves before everyone else in the library is invited to exit so if you are thinking you can sneak your little one (or yourself) up to the fireplace for a photo with Belle you are mistaken.

I would have been happy to sit and interact with Madame Wardrobe all day. To me, she really was the main attraction. The detail and “enchantments” are really amazing and she is so life like!

I don’t think it’s an experience that many people will choose to have over and over again but it will be interesting to see how the attraction evolves and changes as more people experience it and feedback is received. Personally, I’d like to see Maurice tinkering outside the cottage while you wait to enter. It would be far more entertaining and interactive than just standing in the line, which is rather long and probably will be for some time.

Interacting with Madame Wardrobe and Lumiere is an astounding experience and imagineering really went all out in this New Fantasyland expansion. I can’t wait to see how the rest of it unfolds!

Our Beauty Belle in Enchanted Tales With Belle

Blu-Ray Review: Disney / Pixar’s Brave by D-Team Adam

Disney / Pixar’s Brave

by: D-Team Member Adam

There was a scene in The Incredibles where Edna Mode is talking to Bob about fixing his costume.  The scene called for Edna to stick her finger through a hole in the costume.  On the DVD commentary, Brad Bird explained that this was functionally impossible to do in Digital Animation prior to this movie. Pixar literally had to invent the technology to do it. Cut to 7 years later, Disney/Pixar’s Brave has set the bar for computer animated films, a movie so detailed and fluid that it will blow your mind.

When you get right down to it, Brave is an achievement so stunning as to take one’s breath away.

Pixar has always had an eye for great storytelling.  It’s what they’re known for.  With the release of Brave, however, they have taken it to another level.

Merida from Brave

Brave is the story of Merida, a Scottish princess who is not content with tradition. She is more a warrior at heart than a prim and proper princess. Much has been made of Princess Leia (Star Wars) being the new tough gal in the Disney Princess roster. Merida could take her.  In fact, she might give a certain red haired fox a run for his money in the archery department.

When Merida is forced by tradition to marry one of three suitors from local clans, she refuses.  In the face of impending war, her mother Elenor fights with her to change her mind. When Merida meets a witch who promises to change her fate, Merida’s choices may doom all of Scotland… and her family most of all.

There is a lot going on here.

The story works on so many levels.  The characterization works so well. Each personality is distinct and fully developed. Merida is completely believable as this firey teenager.  Just listen to the way she says “Mom! It’s just muh BOW!”  Elenor is a woman who is torn between duty and her frustration and love for her daughter. When she moves back and forth between those emotions, you follow with her through that journey.  But perhaps best of all is Merida’s 3 brothers.  The roles are completely silent, yet you know exactly who they are within moments of meeting them.  All of their story is told visually and it is completely effective.

The second, and more impressive element is the animation.  Think about the previously mentioned problem in Incredibles. Then watch through this movie.  Look at the fluidity of Merida’s hair or the fur on the bear which can be counted strand by strand.  There’s an early scene with Merida at a waterfall as it flows through her hands and a mist spreads around her. Many of the environments in the movie actually look real.  The fact is that every single frame of this film has an attention to detail that defies description. You could literally turn off the sound and appreciate it just for the art.

There truly is a lot to appreciate.

As an admirer of Scotland, their handling of this proud people was welcome.  The highlands aren’t just a backdrop.  The filmmakers managed to find the humor in Scottish culture while still respecting it.  They also used many actual Scots for the voice acting.  Billy Connolly, Kelly MacDonald, Kevin McKidd and Craig Ferguson all occupy main roles.  My only disappointment was that Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) wasn’t brought in.

Looking back, this is the first film released in a very long time that has felt like a classic Disney story. All the classic elements are there: an impetuous Princess/ heroine, a witch, a curse, true love and family. (Admittedly, I am cheating with the “true love”.)  It fits right in next to The Little Mermaid, Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast.  All that is really missing is a musical soundtrack. It even makes you wonder what a true Disney- Pixar collaboration might produce.

Perhaps one day soon, we may find out.

Brave is on sale now in DVD and Blu-ray.

Happy Thanksgiving from “The Artist Corner”

by: D-Team Member Jamey

Happy Thanksgiving from Jamey Wright

It’s that time of year we gather as “one” with family and friends to give thanks for our many blessings.

Always cherish your family and the time you have with them.  The tradition of Thanksgiving dinner teaches us to appreciate the finer things in life. If you want this tradition to continue, you must invest positive energy into the Thanksgiving dinner, and make it a joyous affair. Let your enthusiasm and energy revitalize everyone. Prepare a great Thanksgiving toast and inspire others with your positive words.  Make this your best Thanksgiving dinner. It appears that is what Mickey and Minnie are doing this year…..

Jamey, the “Artist Corner”

  • Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving

~W.T. Purkiser

IFAW Receives $250,000 Grant from Disney to Help Rescue Animals from Natural Disasters and Emergencies

The International Fund for Animal Welfare

The International Fund for Animal Welfare ( announced today a $250,000 grant from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to support IFAW’s efforts to rescue animals from disasters, and to assist IFAW and its partners to prepare their rescue personnel for emergencies.

“Disney has been a committed supporter in IFAW’s mission to make the world better for animals,” said Ian Robinson, IFAW Animal Rescue Director. “We look forward to continuing to work together and going wherever we are needed to help suffering animals.”

For well over a decade, the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) has provided grants to help IFAW rescue and care for the animal victims of disasters, including after Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, the Asian tsunami and Haiti earthquake. Disney’s support has helped the nonprofit protect animals big and small – from elephants and tigers to household pets.

“After a devastating storm like Hurricane Sandy, communities are faced with a shortage of resources,” said Kim Sams, director of the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. “We are proud to support IFAW, and know that animals affected by such disasters are receiving care from the compassionate staff while impacted neighborhoods can focus on rebuilding.”
IFAW is a first responder for animals in distress in times of disasters. Its animal rescue team is currently deployed in New Jersey, helping to reunite families with the pets they were forced to leave behind because of Hurricane Sandy.

Barneys Unveils Disney-Themed Holiday Windows, Skinny Minnie Video, Electric Holiday and More!

When it comes to holiday windows, Barneys New York knows how to up the ante. Last year, its flagship store invited shoppers and sidewalk gawkers to peek into Lady Gaga’s twisted, cartoonish version of Santa’s workshop. Two years ago, the department store celebrated food and its kin with elaborate culinary windows replete with edible food. And in 2009, Barneys New York creative director Simon Doonan gave SNL the royal treatment for the holiday treatment with larger-than-life 3-D caricatures of famous cast members in honor of the show’s upcoming 35th anniversary.

This year, it’s no exaggeration that Barneys got Disneyfied. That adjective is usually a pejorative, but in this case, it’s accurate. Barneys CEO Mark Lee unveiled its holiday 2012 windows on Nov. 14 with some help from Disney CEO Bob Iger, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tinker Bell and Minnie Mouse. After a brief introduction, LED screens situated on the lower two levels of the building’s façade showed “Electric Holiday,” a short animated film that follows Minnie Mouse as she longingly window shops at Barneys, only to find herself eventually walking the runway along with some of her best cartoon friends. Adults will appreciate the remarkably spot-on drawings of Ed Filipowski and Linda Evangelista, while children will delight in the fact that it is truly a Disney production.

Barneys and Disney’s Electric Holiday

When the Disney-Barneys holiday window partnership was announced in August, expectations were set as high as the tallest spire of Cinderella’s castle. That bubble of anticipation was punctured slightly by the highly stylized image of a stretched-and-thinned Minnie Mouse that WWD ran in late October. Parent groups rallied against the transformation of an already-petite children’s icon that they argued would set a bad example by becoming too thin. Barneys defended the illustration, stating that it was taken out of context.

Disney and Barneys released a joint statement to New York Daily News explaining their skinny Minnie.

“We are saddened that activists have repeatedly tried to distort a lighthearted holiday project in order to draw media attention to themselves,” the statement read. “They have deliberately ignored previously released information clearly stating this promotion is a three-minute ‘moving art’ video featuring traditional Minnie Mouse in a dreamlike sequence set in Paris where she briefly walks the runway as a model and then happily awakens as her normal self (above) wearing the very same designer dress from the fashion show.”

Once the dust settled, all eyes were trained on the Madison Avenue flagship store. Their windows, unveiled today, heighten the allure of Disney, the company that serves up dreams to all on a silver platter. But for the next month or so, at least, one needn’t travel to Orlando or Anaheim to feel the magic. Or, for that matter, to Paris for Fashion Week.

As Minnie Mouse dreaming her way to the catwalks of Paris Fashion week in “Electric Holiday,” she meets essentially anyone who is anyone in the fashion industry along the way. There are cartoons of no less than Sarah Jessica Parker, Pat McGrath, Alber Elbaz, Carine Roitfeld, former Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière, Daphne Guinness, Cathy Horyn, and more featured throughout the film.

The Walt Disney Company worked on the film for over a year. As for the collaboration, the family-friendly was eager to take part in the famed New York Holiday season alongside Barneys.

“We thought, ‘A huge force in fashion and a huge force in animation. What better than for these two companies to get together and do something for the holidays?’” Luis Fernandez, senior vice president of creative for Disney Consumer Products, told WWD.


Eat Your Heart Out- Favorite Restaurants of WDW

November 16, 2012 Walt Disney World No Comments

by: D-Team Member Adam

The food.

Columbia Harbour House (photo:

It’s sometimes overlooked in the sale pitch for Walt Disney World.  People tell you about the attractions, the rides, the fireworks and the memories… but oh, the food. The glorious, glorious food.

It can be something as small as the zebra domes at Animal Kingdom Lodge or as large as the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Creams, but once you’ve had the food at Walt Disney World, you’ll find yourself craving it at 3 am.  The best part is, there are so many restaurants that there will always be new restaurants for you to experience on every trip.

The following are just a few of the restaurants I’ve loved in my many journeys.  They’re mostly in no particular order, but the ones at the bottom are my favorites.


Located in the Downtown Disney Marketplace, Ghiradelli is an island of delights.  First of all, if you go into the chocolate section, they’re usually giving out free samples.  In the restaurant area, I like to order a rootbeer float or a peanut butter sundae and enjoy it by the water at the tables outside.  You might even catch a concert at the outdoor theatre near by.

Paradiso 37

Located at what used to be Pleasure Island in Downtown Disney.  Like Ghiradelli, Paradiso 37 is a partner restaurant, not actually owned by Disney.  It has a mix of American and Hispanic flavors.  The food is decent, but the atmosphere is the main draw.  At night you can enjoy your food outside while a live band plays.

Landscape of Flavors

The Art of Animation’s resident cafeteria is sort of typical of Disney’s new cafeteria style.  The food is really good, but what I love about it is that, just like the resort itself, you can dine in Radiator Springs, Atlantis or Africa.  It’s a lot of fun.

The Yak and Yeti

Located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom near Expedition Everest.  You can order chinese food and eat it straight out of a chinese food carton.  I had the sweet and sour chicken.  Love it!

Sci Fi Dine In

Hollywood StudiosSci-Fi Diner

This used to be on my must do list every time I ate at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Now it’s not as immediate, but still a treat. Sci Fi is set to resemble and old drive-in movie theatre.  The tables are cars and you watch a reel of old cartoons (curiously, none of them traditional Disney cartoons) and trailers for classic black and white schlock scifi movies.

Main Street Bakery

As soon as you walk into Magic Kingdom, enjoy any number of desserts, including those great cheese danishes!  There used to be giant cinnamon rolls, but soon those will only be found at Gaston’s Tavern in the brand new Fantasyland Expansion.

Columbia Harbour House

Located in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom.  It’s kind of like being in one of those Colonial towns… except for the credit cards.  Try the turkey.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

More or less a typical quick service restaurant in Tomorrowland, except for animatronic alien Sonny Eclipse.  Sonny is an old fashioned lounge singer… from space.  It’s a lot of fun and a great place to stop for a quick bite.

Nine Dragons

I’ve heard people aren’t fond of the restaurant in the China Pavillion at EPCOT.  For me, Nine Dragons is a must do.  I love the Honey Chicken.  As an added bonus, if you’re by the windows, it’s not a bad spot to watch Illuminations.


I love Ohana’s for breakfast. Love it.  The food is really great.  It’s actually the same food you can find at Chef Mickey’s (which is harder to get into) and 1900 Park Fare (which is easier to get into).  The main difference is how you’re served, what characters show up and the environment.  Ohana has a more pleasant atmosphere than the other two.  And I like having my picture taken with Lilo and Stitch.

The Polynesian Resort also has a Luau at night. That’s on my to-do list.

Yachtsman Steakhouse

Located at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, this steakhouse is wonderful.  As soon as you walk in, the smell of meat hits you.  It’s actually almost a bad thing, because the whole time you’re waiting for your food, you have to smell that delicious steak. It’s maddening.

Le Cellier Steakhouse

Le Cellier in World Showcase at Epcot

OH CANADA! The creme de la creme of steakhouses.  I. LOVE. Le Cellier. You’re recommended to make your dining reservations for Le Cellier 6 months in advance. That’s how much people love this place.  It’s just so good! Oh god, I want the filet mignon right now.

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

Food and Wine obviously isn’t a restaurant. It’s an experience. During this wonderful time of year, you can walk Epcot’s World Showcase and taste food and alcohol from all over the world.  If you’re particularly adventurous when it comes to food, you’ll be in heaven!  This year I enjoyed a small serving of the Filet Mignon from Le Cellier and a frozen Cosmopolitan (basically an alcoholic strawberry slushee).  They also have the Eat to the Beat concert series on weekends over by the American Adventure.  If there is one event that should not be missed at Epcot, it’s the Food and Wine Festival.

That’s my list.  What are your favorite restaurants and foods at Walt Disney World?

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Disney’s Bambi Is Out On Blu-Ray Today, Catch These Special Behind-The-Scenes Videos

June 6, 2017

Walt Disney’s Bambi is out on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD today on a Special Anniversary Edition! To celebrate this true Disney classic we have some Special Behind the Scenes Videos for you to enjoy to look into the making of the heartwarming iconic film.  ANIMATION SCHOOL   ANIMATING BAMBI’S WILDLIFE   WALT DISNEY AND […]


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  • R. Chloe: John, Great job, in the interview. You can talk so fast, professional, and keep listeners compelled, the entire 57 minutes in, when Wally comes ...
  • Steve: I remember this menu very well. In June of 1983 I was a Service Host at Liberty Tree Tavern on the weekends. Great times and great memories!...
  • Paige: When I first noticed it, it was with "The Muppets." The excuse I saw was "When someone is watching a movie on one of their smart devices (i.e. phone,...
  • Kevin Parcher: The positives here are the Lost Chords section and the LP version of the Overture. The Lost Chords are songs that were eliminated during the planning ...
  • Paige Zimmerman: I absolutely can't wait for these collections to be released. They are all on my calendar for their respective release dates!...