All Aboard! Budge Studios Launches Chuggington Traintastic Adventures App for iOS

The Chuggington Traintastic Adventures APP for iOS

From the developers behind Minnie Bow Maker and Dora’s Ballet Adventure, Budge Studios announces the launch of Chuggington Traintastic Adventures, a train set adventure app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, now available on the App Store.

Based on the popular show Chuggington™ which airs weekdays on Disney Junior, Disney Channel’s programming block for kids ages 2-7 and their families, and daily on the new 24-hour Disney Junior cable and satellite channel, this virtual train set invites children ages 3-8 to explore Chuggington in an interactive adventure on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

With the unique path drawing gameplay, children help chuggers accomplish various quests within an adventure pack by solving problems along the way. The additional Build and Play mode allows players to customize the world by adding buildings, interactive rail items and the ability to upgrade and personalize their trains with exciting accessories.

Game Play on your iPad, iPhone or Mobile Device

“With this app, kids get to be creative, learn and play in a dynamic way unlike any traditional train set,” adds Creative Director, Michael Elman.

“Budge Studios is a leader in developing eye-catching, educational and entertaining apps targeted to preschoolers,” said Megan Buecher, Director of Licensing, Ludorum. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with them on our newest Chuggington app.”

Chugginton Traintastic Adventures is filled with endless entertainment, eye-catching 3D animation, character voiceover and even features short clips from actual episodes as players make their way though each of the adventure packs. Players can also visit their collection to see what items have been completed and find additional quests within the four adventure packs available in the app.

The Chuggington Traintastic Adventures App is available for $3.99 from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at:

Build your Own Train

Chuggington is a CGI-animated series that follows the adventures of Wilson, Brewster and Koko, trainee engines, each with their own unique personality and learning style. The series is set in a world much like our own with cities, villages and diverse cultures and geography. Entertainment and enjoyment are at the heart of Chuggington, but embedded within each story are important educational and developmental messages centered on learning and social-emotional development. Chuggington is directed by Sarah Ball, who won a BAFTA award for her work as a director and writer of Bob the Builder™. Further information is available at

Make it a TIGGER-ific Thursday with a FREE Tigger Download from Disney

Make it a TIGGER-IFIC Day with a FREE Tigger Download Movie

The weekend is almost here, you have made it this far in the week listening to your favorite Disney Shows, watching those movies and dreaming about a Disney filled weekend.

Well hopefully we can make it better as Disney Movie Rewards is offering to make it a TIGGER-IFIC Thursday with a FREE Digital Download of a Tigger Film!

A Fun short film with our favorite bouncing friend will give your day just what you needed, that extra bounce in your step today (pun intended), a smile, and a friend as we get that much closer to the weekend.

So head on over to Disney Movie Rewards and make it a Tigger-ific Thursday as well. Reed it Here or at

Halloween Decorating Tips with Disneyland Resort’s David Caranci

October 24, 2012 Disney News, Disneyland No Comments

Home Decorating for HalloweenTime with Disneyland’s David Caranci

If it is one thing Walt Disney World Resort as well. It is something that just fuels my love even more of the Halloween Season. But just how could we bring this fun decor home with us and make our house go Disney for Halloween?

Disneyland Resorts David Caranci shows us the best ways to decorate our home for this spooky of all seasons with a hint of Disney flair, fun and whimsy we are looking for.

I know I already decked out the home with Mickey Pumpkins, Jack Skellington, Tee Light holders and more, but what did you do?

Watch David and comment on how you did your home Halloween Disney Style.

Behind the Scenes: Haunted Mansion Holiday Gingerbread House at Disneyland

October 24, 2012 Disneyland No Comments

Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Holiday

If you are like me you love to watch the Food Network and shows like Halloween Wars and more. And we all, as D-Heads™, love to see behind the scenes at the resorts, and most of all with our Samantha Brown. But aside from those specials what about some of the spooky Halloween fun that goes on.

On’s Show #24, we invited Susanne Blakeslee to talk with us. She is known for giving a voice to some of the best Disney Villains including Maleficent, Cruella DeVille, Lady Tremaine and also Leota from the Haunted Mansion Holiday.

We all love this transformation the Disneyland Resort does to our favorite classic attraction and now they have shown us Behind the Scenes on just how they make that Gingerbread House in the Haunted Mansion Holiday.

Pass The Day With Some Halloween Fun in Skylar’s Chilling Challenge

Halloween Fun at with Skylar’s Chilling Challenge

So you are sitting at home, the office or Starbucks and have some time to kill? Well since it is October, Disney knows how to keep the season fun with a nice spin off of their most recent DCOM movie, Girl Vs. Monster and Skylar’s Chilling Challenge Game.

The game does serve as a promotion for the Disney Channel film, which might I add was a nice addition to their Halloween lineup this year for Monstober, but do not let that fool you. The game is very simple and fun. With levels like The Lab, each unlocked level is full of new adventures and gameplay as you play in RPG mode. Using the keypad on your computer you wander through the levels unlocking clue, fighting off monsters and learning more about our hero.

So if you have some time to kill, no pun intended, or you want to keep someone in your family busy, then unlock the fun of Skylar’s Chilling Challenge at: – Skylar’s Chilling Challenge

DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast Show #24 w/Special Guest SUSANNE BLAKESLEE

DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Podcast

October 22, 2012 – Show #24

DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Show #24 w/Special Guest SUSANNE BLAKESLEE

It’s Time D-Heads! As we continue with our Not So Scary Halloween Editions, we are going into the realm of Disney Female Villains as we welcome SUSANNE BLAKESLEE to the show! Susanne, known for voicing such iconic roles as Maleficent, Cruella DeVille, Lady Tremaine and Leota in the Haunt Mansion Holiday is stopping in to talk about her career, these iconic Disney Villains and working on other shows such as Fairly Odd Parents and more!

In addition we have the D-Team back this week as Tony takes us into the Top Things We Didn’t Know About and Lexie, our D-Team Member from Down Under goes into the Hollywood Archives with a look into the life of our guest Susanne Blakeslee. Jason is here with another Blu-Ray and DVD Review from The Vault and we set the ringers on extra loud as our newest D-Team member stops in to introduce himself and his All-New Segment.

There is Disney News fresh from D-Wire and all kinds of Halloween Goodies all show long.

So Put on Your Ears, Give it a Little Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, and get ready to Relive the Magic, Memories and Appreciation from Your Lifetime of Disney with DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand!

DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Show #24
“Right Click -> Save Link Target As” to the link above to save it as an MP3 to your player


Pete’s Dragon: 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray

Pete’s Dragon: 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray

So today is Tuesday, but more than that it is a day to celebrate the Disney Classics with Pete’s Dragon Officially Released on Blu-Ray!

Now I personally am excited for this because I have fond memories of watching it as a young child. I wanted a friend Dragon. But most of all I wanted to live in a Lighthouse. Yes, for years I wanted to live by the sea in a lighthouse singing songs with a Dragon.

Recently I was able to pass down this film to my four children and they loved it! It shows how a true Disney Classic can be timeless to generations. And with the Main Street Electrical Parade back at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, my children knew who was Elliot right from the bat. but now I am getting off topic.

Pete’s Dragon is a wonderful film that ells the story of an orphan boy Pete, who is running away from his abusive hillbilly adoptive family who paid for him. In his journey we see he is guarded by and befriended by Elliot, his big green dragon that can disappear, fly, and is an animated masterpiece in hand drawn animation.

He arrived in a small town Passamaquoddy where he meets a lonely Lighthouse keeper and her eccentric dad (played by the brilliant Mickey Rooney). The Story continues as he become a family with her, avoids his adoptive family and eludes the evil Dr. trying to get Elliot for himself.

Some of my favorite highlights still today are the muscial numbers from the Dr. (might I add, I always loved his clothing), and Mickey Rooney letting the town know he had indeed seen a Dragon!

Pete’s Dragon 1977 Release Poster

The film is PURE DISNEY MAGIC as it is filled with such memorable songs you cannot help but sing along and has the Academy Award Winning Song “Candle on Water” to tie the story together. Overall, this film is a true gem in the Disney Library and I find myself often listening to it while working, playing the songs, or just need the touch of classic magic.

The film does have some bonus features on the Blu-Ray including:
• Brazzle Dazzle Effects: Behind Disney’s Movie Magic Featurette
• A deleted sequence comprised of storyboards and voice work
• The original concept storyboard reel for Boo Bop Bopbop Bob (I Love You, Too)
• Two Trailers

Overall, if you are a Disney fan you already love this classic, and if you never have experienced it, now it is the time to rediscover a classic, a piece of Disney Legacy, and hum those songs Disney had embedded in our hearts. I know Pete’s Dragon and the brilliantly done HiDef transfer are one that will be in our home for years to come and now passing it on to my own children, maybe they can keep the Movie Magic Alive when they recall watching a movie with dad on the couch with a big green friendly dragon.

Pick up your copy today at:

Today in 1941, the World Watched an Elephant Fly as DUMBO Premiered

Walt Disney’s DUMBO: Released October 23, 1941

A little bit of Disney history today for you D-Heads. Back in 1941, many things were going on in the world but Walt Disney let us all have a moment of joy as the animated classic DUMBO found its way to the big screen October 23, 1941.

The wonderful tale taught us the bonds of parent and child, strength in friends, and the courage to do the impossible.

The film has gone on to be a Disney Legend and park staple. Who doesn’t want to ride Dumbo as Disneyland or Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom? I know we all had it on our Must-Do list and even Stacey Aswad (a past guest on the show) would agree.

Recently the attraction has been moved to the new Storybook Circus area where Mickey’s Toon Town used to be and now has two attractions to make the wait a little shorter.

So in remembering a Disney classic character and song, toss the movie into your players today or just listen to it while working in our Lifetime of Disney Player on the homepage and let’s all remember the first time of seeing an elephant fly.

Identity Direct releases All-New Peter Pan My Adventure Book

October 23, 2012 Disney News No Comments

Customize A Story With Peter Pan For Your Child at Identity Direct

My Adventure Books, produced by Identity Direct, are a popular product in the US market. Identity Direct are one of the world’s leading suppliers of personalized children’s gifts, with offices around the world.

A recent addition to their successful ‘My Adventure Books’ range is a personalized Peter Pan book, which is expected to be very popular in the US market. “We are always looking for characters to add to our range of personalized children’s books” says Linda Greene, founder of Identity Direct. “Thanks to our strong partner relationships with Disney, Marvel, Sesame Street and Nickelodeon we have a huge range of great books that are continuously expanding”.

How did Identity Direct become a worldwide retailer of successful children’s books? In the early 1990’s, Greene came across a collection of personalized books. She thought it was a fantastic idea but was disappointed that it was being neglected. They were old, out-dated tales and the child was not truly at the heart of the story. The books lacked the magic she knew they should have.

So in 1992, Linda and husband Tom brought together a team of talented illustrators and writers to develop a new range of personalized books. In September that year Identity Direct was launched with the original My Adventure Books collection. This included the best selling My Special Christmas Adventure book. The new personalized books had colorful pictures and put the child and their friends at the centre of the story. The stories told of fun adventures like joining Santa as he delivered toys on Christmas Eve. Since then, Greene has made sure that they are always expanding or enhancing their range with new characters and fresh designs.

Identity Direct now operate in 5 regions worldwide – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA. Some great reasons to shop with Identity Direct include:
Personalized gifts that are individually made to order Exclusive relationships with worldwide brands.

Find out more about Identity Direct:The world’s leading supplier of personalized gifts. They create products that bring magical, memorable moments that will live in the hearts and minds of children forever.

Visit them at:

Happy 70th Birthday Annette Funicello and Thank You For The Memories

Mousketeer Annette Funicello

Today is a day all of us Mousketeers can celebrate as we wish our beloved ear wearer Annette Funicello a Happy Birthday today.

Annette turns 70 today and remains in everyone’s hearts as the Mousketeer that we all loved, adored and Walt hand picked (or so the story goes).

She was part of the original Mickey Mouse Club that would later in the years spawn two other incarnations in the 1970s and the late 1980s through the 1990s.

Annette proved to be so popular that she was featured in the weekly serial movie on the program with ANNETTE and followed a small town girls journey to a new city, and new friends. (You can listen to the series while you work at:

Annette was the face and the spokesperson for the Mickey Mouse Club and even recorded many top hits such as Monkey’s Uncle, Tall Paul and more. She ultimately went on to star in many of Walt Disney’s other films like The Monkey’s Uncle, and most notably in Babes in Toyland. you can also catch her in Disneyland After Dark (also in our player). She also stared with Frankie Avalon in what was dubbed “The Beach Movies” and in a fun parody reprised that role in the 80s in Back to the Beach

Annette Mickey Mouse Club Serial

In 1989 she joined the, at the time New Mousketeers, in a Reunion show on the all new MMC, as well as participated in the Grand Opening of Disney’s MGM Studios (now renamed Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

In 1992, Annette made public that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). There has also been an Official Site created for Annette at: where there are stories, memories and the legacy of her fantastic career.

So on this special day we wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and THANK YOU for all the Magic, Memories, Music and Appreciation of Disney.

Happy Birthday Annette

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CJ 4DPLEX Announces “Cars 3” as First-Ever Disney•Pixar Film to be Available in the Immersive 4DX Format

June 13, 2017

CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s leading 4D cinema company, today announced that for the first time since the company’s inception, it will be premiering a Disney•Pixar film in the immersive film-viewing format at 4DX auditoriums around the globe. The announcement marks a significant moment for 4DX and fans worldwide as “Cars 3” is the first-ever Disney•Pixar […]

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Disney Announce the Launch of Cars 3: Driven to Win

June 13, 2017

Rev up your engines! Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media today announced that Cars 3: Driven to Win is now available in the Americas for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch™ and Wii U™. Developed by Avalanche Software, Cars 3: Driven to Win […]

Invite Mickey and Donald into your Home for the Holidays in: Mickey Mouse: Merry & Scary is arriving on Disney DVD August 29th

June 9, 2017

Love Mickey Mouse? Can’t wait to spend the holidays with your best mouse friend? Invite Mickey and Donald into your home as they bring laughs and merriment to not one, but two holiday seasons! Mickey Mouse: Merry & Scary is arriving on Disney DVD August 29th, and you’ll want to catch their Halloween and Christmas […]

Calling Young Changemakers for a Disney Be Inspired ‘Summer of Service’ Grant!

June 9, 2017

Youth Service America (YSA) and The Walt Disney Company, including Disney|ABC Television Group, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, and Walt Disney Studios, are working together this summer to inspire kids and families to make a positive impact in their communities through the Disney Summer of Service campaign. Youth can use fun summer activities — like […]

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Unveils “A Galaxy of Stories” Pavilion At D23 Expo, July 14–16, 2017

June 9, 2017

Showcasing the creative process of bringing new Disney park experiences to life, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts invites guests to discover its pavilion, “A Galaxy of Stories,” at D23 Expo, July 14–16 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Guests will get an exclusive look at the new Star Wars-themed lands currently under development for Disneyland Park […]

DisneyBlu’s DizRadio: Disney on Demand Podcast Show #180 w/ Special Guest SUSAN EGAN (Meg in Hercules, The Original Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, Solo Artist, and more!)

June 8, 2017

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Disney’s Bambi Is Out On Blu-Ray Today, Catch These Special Behind-The-Scenes Videos

June 6, 2017

Walt Disney’s Bambi is out on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD today on a Special Anniversary Edition! To celebrate this true Disney classic we have some Special Behind the Scenes Videos for you to enjoy to look into the making of the heartwarming iconic film.  ANIMATION SCHOOL   ANIMATING BAMBI’S WILDLIFE   WALT DISNEY AND […]


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